Petition launched over plans to knock down garages in Palmer Road, Norwich for new homes

A second campaign has sprung up in Norwich against garages being knocked down for new homes.

Norwich City Council has put forward plans at 19 city sites to demolish car parks and garages for up to 84 homes to meet the demand for social housing.

On Palmer Road, off Woodcock Road, in north Norwich, garages could make way for up to six homes.

A petition against the garage demolition, which has gathered around 60 signatures, follows a campaign by the Fat Cat pub on West End Street to stop homes being built on 16 parking spaces opposite the pub.

Lara Danes, 35, who lives in Palmer Road said the area had a huge parking problem.

She said: 'A lot of people are not happy about this. We want to keep them as garages. There is a demand for them.

'We have a lot of parking issues on Palmer Road. There is not enough parking as it is.'

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Campaigners met on June 11 with Catton Grove residents' association, but Mrs Danes said despite letters being sent through doors by the council, many families in the area were unaware of the proposals.

She said: 'They have not been very open and public about it.'

A consultation on the plans was held in a different estate rather than the Catton Grove Community Centre in Jewson Road.

At a council meeting on June 19, cabinet member for housing, Victoria MacDonald, admitted the consultation over the plans had been flawed.

But she said lessons had been learnt and future consultations would be run differently.

The council said it was important for Norwich's future to keep up with the growing demand for homes.

But Labour Catton Gove councillor Paul Kendrick, who is backing the petition, said: 'There is a severe parking problem. They have already lost parking areas on that estate.

'If you knock down these garages it is going to be made worse.

'I'm not opposed to all the garage developments but I think in this spot it is unsuitable.'

No detailed plans of any developments have been drawn up yet, with the council carrying out a consultation before any planning applications are submitted.

Other sites where homes could be built include Bland Road, Bluebell Road, Kett's Hill, Hanover Road, Bowers Avenue, Ivory Road, Gertrude Road and Quebec Road.

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