Norwich mother claims mould has made her daughter ill

A mother who claims mould in her flat has made her daughter ill has become involved in a wrangle with Norwich City Council.

Faye Scott, who moved into a council flat in Leopold Court, Eaton, in April 2009 said she has been trying to get the problem fixed since she moved in.

Norwich City Council says it has carried out work at the flat, but Miss Scott insists there are still problems and has threatened the council with legal action. Her daughter Olivia, who was 10 weeks old when they first arrived, was taken to hospital with pneumonia at Christmas and has since been diagnosed with asthma.

Norwich City Council say they were instructed to take swift action after a contractor identified several problems with damp at the flat in late May. 'All this work was carried out within the space of one month and included cleaning damp off the walls, installing specialist fans to help tackle the problem and placing a board on the front door,' a spokesman said.

'If any other work is needed it will be carried out as part of our programme of planned works.'

But Miss Scott said that they were not responding to the urgency of the problem.

'From day one I have called the council to tell them there was mould everywhere; they came and plastered over one wall a few months after I moved in but the mould came back through the floor, walls, windows and ceilings.

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'I called all the time and was told it wasn't a priority even though I explained my daughter kept getting ill.

'At Christmas she became really ill. She didn't eat, kept being sick, sleeping and complaining her chest hurt. The walk-in centre rushed us to hospital as she had a crackle on her lung.'

She said that her doctor had explained the pneumonia was caused by the mould. 'The council won't move us even though the property isn't safe and as given my daughter a long-term illness. They are playing with my daughter's life', she said.

Miss Scott lives at the flat with her partner Chase Lowthorpe..

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