Norwich family frustrated about problems with their council house at Hansard Close

A Norwich family has spoken of frustrations about problems involving its council house.

Kelly and Michael Faulkner, 29 and 28, have been living at the three-bedroom house in Hansard Close, Mile Cross, for four years, and say they have had numerous problems with the property, many of which are still ongoing.

The couple have a new baby on the way, as well as three other children, Cameron, eight, Kacey, four, and Krystal, two, and Mrs Faulkner said they were fed up with the continuous housing problems.

She said the problems include bad damp in the bathroom which was creating an awful smell, damp around the front and back door, 15ft and 13ft cracks and a hole on the living room ceiling, and a crack on one of the bedroom ceilings which was also bulging. They had contacted the council many times. Some work had been carried out but there was still a lot more to do.

She said: 'We just want everything fixed. It just gets us down and we would just like to move. We spend about 75pc of our time at mum's house because of the problems.'

A city council spokesman said: 'We responded to a complaint of dampness by issuing a damp survey by an independent surveyor last year. Upon the advice of the surveyor, we instructed our contractor to carry out work to combat the effects of condensation, including installing humidistat fans. Our maintenance contractor assessed other repair work at the property last week and is arranging an appointment for this work to be undertaken.

'Tenants considering a move can exchange their home with another council tenant or housing association tenant.'

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