More of Norwich’s industrial heritage could be lost

More of Norwich's industrial heritage could be lost if plans to demolish a redundant shoe factory and build 22 flats on the site are approved next week.

Priory Pension Fund has applied for outline planning permission to knock down the Cordova Buildings in Starling Road, at the junction with Waterloo Road, north of the city, but the city's heritage watchdog, the Norwich Society, has objected.

A spokesman said: 'It is a shame to lose the fa�ade of the main block of the old shoe factory, which is a good, solid example of Norwich's heritage. Please try to conserve the building and convert it; soon there will be no examples left of these shoe factories.'

The plans are recommended for approval when the city council's planning committee meets on Thursday.

Shoe-making was an important trade in Norwich for more than 700 years and it became the city's major industry by 1860. At its height there were 26 shoe factories in the city employing 12,000 people and more than seven million pairs of shoes were made each year.

But the shoe industry was badly disrupted by the Second World War and the industry came under fierce competition from foreign manufacturers who were able to produce cheaper shoes.

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