More delays to Norwich car park work

The long-running battle to make a Norwich shopping centre's car park safe has yet to be won after hopes that the problems would be fixed last week failed to come to fruition.

Adrian Ramsay, a city councillor for the Green Party, said he had understood that large pot-holes at the Earlham House Shopping Centre, off Earlham Road, would be fixed by the end of January.

However, the work was not carried out and Mr Ramsay is now hoping a legal deadline of April 1 to make improvements will be met.

Norwich Green Party has been campaigning with local families since 2007 and launched a petition signed by nearly 1,000 people,

Large pot-holes that are then often obscured by flood water because of a troublesome drainage system have caused regular disruption to people using the shopping centre.

Last week Mr Ramsay, deputy leader of the national Green Party and city councillor for the Nelson ward, told the Evening News that he understood the new owners, Top Investments Limited, would get the work done by the end of January.

This has not happened though, as Mr Ramsay said: 'There have been so many delays in getting this done that it doesn't seem surprising to me that it still hasn't. But it is a popular shopping centre and there is a real danger of problems so it is critical that the work happens.

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'There is now a legal deadline of April 1 and, although I am disappointed that they didn't do the work last week, I hope they will stick to the deadline.'

That deadline comes after council health and safety officers issued Top Investments Limited, with an Improvement Notice which gives them until April 1 2011 to address the issues or face legal action.

'The council have told me they will continue to stay in regular touch with the owners to make sure the work is completed,' Mr Ramsay added.

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