Mile Cross man left to wait 18 months for disabled shower

A partially disabled man has been left unable to wash himself after the council told him it would take up to 18 months to install the equipment he needs.

Shaun Musgrove, 44, suffered a severe heart attack six months ago that has made it difficult for him to walk and almost impossible to wash himself unaided.

The resident of Bussey Road, Mile Cross, who used to be a supervisor at Anglian Windows, has been receiving specialist care from doctors. They recommended that the local authority install a wet room into his council house so that he could wash himself. The application was submitted, but the council have told him it will take up to a year and a half before they carry out the work.

'My occupational therapist recommended that I get given a special room I can walk in and sit down in to shower. It would make a hell of a difference to my life if I could have a decent wash,' he said.

'But a month ago I got a letter back from the council saying it would take 12-18 months for them to install it.'

'I am so frustrated. I think I am being punished because of the council's mess. They are so far behind on their work so everything else is going to be put on the back-burner.'

Mr Musgrove applied to move to a house more suitable for a disabled person, but his application was refused by the council.

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'The wheelchair is too wide to get through the doorways in my flat so I can't get around. I have to hobble around with a walking stick, which could be bad for me. I asked to be re-housed but they wouldn't consider it.'

'I am angry because they have not done enough to help disabled people out,' he added.

A council spokesman said that waiting lists of more than a year were standard for residents like Mr Musgrove who are not deemed to be the most in need of services.

The spokesman said: 'Last year, we carried out adaptations to properties totalling �1.3m. 217 were major, which includes providing walk-in showers and wheelchair ramps, and 148 were minor, such as grab rails and lever taps.

'Before any adaptation is carried out, a referral is made by an occupational therapist from social services.

'This includes making an assessment about the tenant's level of need. We have to prioritise any work we do according to level of need and, as such, this can mean that some people can be waiting for between a year and 18 months.'

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