Former Norwich Connaught worker in benefits wrangle

A former Connaught worker from Norwich who was made redundant three months ago has yet to receive a single benefit payment after his claim was terminated by error.

Mark Wilson, 28, of Lobelia Lane, Cringleford, has had complications receiving his entitlement of job seekers allowance since he was made redundant on September 14 and is still waiting for payment to come through.

Mr Wilson said: 'I feel angry really. My family have been in jeopardy of losing our house; it's Christmas time and I've also got a two-year-old child.'

Mr Wilson lives with his wife Hollie, 26, and daughter Kaylen, and had worked for City Care for eight years before it was taken over by Connaught in April this year.

The bulk of the problems started when Mr Wilson and his family went on a two-week holiday abroad to Florida on November 29.

The holiday had been booked by Mr Wilson's parents in January this year.

'I wasn't allowed to claim while I was on holiday,' he said.

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'But they told me over the phone that they had received my claim on the November 23 and that the payment would go into my bank account while I was away. I checked my balance while I was on holiday, but still nothing had gone in.'

When Mr Wilson returned home from Florida, he went into his Jobcentre Plus branch to chase up the missing payment.

'There had been an error and they'd basically terminated my claim before I went on holiday,' he said.

'They'd also decided to terminate it without giving me any money.'

Mr Wilson admitted there were brief delays in getting all of his paperwork together, but said the continuing complications had cost him money: 'I've made a lot of phone calls trying to sort out the payments, I also have to pay for parking every time I go to sign on. It's getting beyond a joke now.'

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: 'We have been in contact with the customer to ensure he receives the benefits he's entitled to and his claim is currently being processed.'

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