Eaton council tenants waiting years for replacement windows - but help could be at hand

Eaton council flat tenants have launched a petition calling for their rotten windows to be replaced – after waiting several years for the work to be done.

The flats in Plantsman Close, off Lime Tree Road, are the only properties on the street that have not had their windows replaced.

Earlier this year, contractor Anglian Windows replaced the bungalow and house windows in the street, but they said planning permission was needed to replace the windows at the flats, and said a consultation had to be carried out with the leaseholders.

Elizabeth Green, who lives in one of the flats, has elicited the help of Norwich South MP Simon Wright in her fight, and has collected about a dozen signatures on a petition calling on the council to replace the flat windows as soon as possible.

She said: 'It's absolutely disgusting. I have waited seven years to get replacement windows.

'We keep being told that they will be done but they keep shelving them for some reason. About four years ago our windows were painted but each flat had at least one window the painters would not touch because they were so rotten. 'In fact, they were reluctant to paint any of them because of the state they were in. In the winter they run with water, and you get up in the morning and cannot see out. There is black mould in the putty that you can't get out.

'Outside is even worse, as the wood that holds the glass in is rotten and crumbling.'

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Norwich City Council spokeswoman Amy Lyall, however, said yesterday that replacing the windows was a priority. She said: 'The windows in Plantsman Close do need to be replaced, and were programmed in for last financial year.

'Unfortunately, after the national collapse of Connaught, this could not take place and, because we have to follow a statutory consultation process, our interim contractor Anglian Windows was unable to complete the installations in its contractual time frame.

'These windows have been marked as high priority, and homes on Plantsman Close are programmed in as some of the first to be replaced under the new window replacement contract.

'We have just tendered this and expect to be in a position to award the contract by the end of this month.'

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