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The area around Norwich is on the verge of a critical period of change which could re-shape its population, its character and its landscape forever.

A planning blueprint adopted by the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) has outlined the need for 37,000 more homes to be built by 2026.

Our map (available via the link to the top right) shows where those houses are expected to be built, with the strategic targets shown in blue.

While the GNDP's joint core strategy (JCS) outlines broadly where the new homes should be built, it is down to the three individual planning authorities to decide which actual sites will be used to meet those targets.

Norwich and Broadland Councils have published a shortlist of proposed 'site allocations', which were all put forward for consideration by developers or landowners.

These are shown in green. No decisions have been made yet as to which of these preferred options will be chosen for inclusion in the final submitted version of the local plan.

South Norfolk Council has not yet compiled its shortlist, but will complete its public consultation on Friday to assess the suitability of 1,500 suggested sites. This is why no South Norfolk allocations have been shown on our map.

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For clarity, we have only shown the proposed site allocations in Broadland and Norwich capable of providing more than 50 homes.

Finally, in red, are some of the actual plans proposed by developers – ranging from early design concepts put out to consultation to test public opinion, to solid plans which have planning applications pending, submitted or approved.

Please note that many of the proposed sites, by their nature, do not have post codes, so we have placed the markers as close as possible – click on each marker for exact location details.

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