Call for people to have say on future of Sprowston

Young people and families living in Sprowston have been urged to have their say about how the community is developed in the future.

Sprowston Town Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan to guide and influence the future development of Sprowston in terms of jobs and homes.

The town council wants to hear the views of people living in the area about their ideas for the future of Sprowston and have been holding an event at the Sprowston Diamond Centre in School Lane this week, to allow people to help draw up a Neighbourhood Plan.

The three-day event, led by the Prince's Foundation, has comprised of a series open meetings and workshops aimed at gathering people's ideas and aspirations for the future of the area, ahead of a conclusion meeting tonight.

Findings from the event will form the basis of a report compiled by the Prince's Foundation which they will feed back to the town council, forming the beginnings of a Neighbourhood Plan which will eventually sit alongside the area's local plan.

June Hunt, town council clerk, said: 'Sprowston faces a lot of development and obviously we're very interested in what the residents think about this.

'That's the reason for us doing a neighbourhood plan so we can have our own influence on the development. We're urging people to come along and if they can't then we've sent out leaflets and they can write to us or ring us and let us know what they feel.'

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Ben Bolgar, senior design director at the Prince's Foundation, said people living in the area had an opportunity to 'inform the Neighbourhood Plan' by coming along and giving their input about what they wanted to see.

Don Loone, who is in his 80s and lives in Linacre Avenue, Sprowston, was one of more than 30 people to attend the public open session on Tuesday.

He said: 'I think it's a good thing. It's a pity there weren't more young people.'

Bob Read, 80, from Mousehold Lane, who attended the event with his wife Jo, said: 'It's a very worthy idea but, as always, the people it's going to make most impact on were not here in any number.'

The findings from the workshops will be presented to the public in a meeting at 6.45pm tonight at the Diamond Centre, School Lane.

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