Norwich man wins jackpot on BBC game show Pointless

Ed, from Norwich, won £9,500 on the BBC game show Pointless.

Ed, from Norwich, and his housemate Manny, won £9,500 on the BBC game show Pointless. - Credit: BBC/Remarkable Entertainment

A Norwich man has won more than £9,000 during his appearance on the BBC game show Pointless. 

Ed, who grew up in the city and went to Notre Dame High School, appeared on the programme on Tuesday, May 24.

Pointless, which is in its 27th series, is hosted by Richard Osman and Aleander Armstrong and puts obscure knowledge to the test.

Contestants need to give the most unpopular answers to questions to score as low as they possibly can, which is based on how many members of the public said the same thing. 

In the last round, the finalists must find a pointless answer that no one else said.  

Ed, who competed alongside his friend and housemate, said: "I met Manny when he moved into our flat in Clapham and we became good mates.

"He was meant to go on with another friend but it was during the pandemic, around September 2020, so they changed the rules.

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"You could only go on someone you live with.

"He said 'does anyone fancy going on Pointless?' and I volunteered."

After their initial appearance was postponed in 2020, the pair finally made it on to the show in November 2021.

And in the space of just one episode, the duo, who currently live and work in London, breezed their way to the final round.

The pointless question for the £9,500 jackpot was words ending in "bby", "ddy" and "ggy".

The pair's winning pointless answer was the word 'smoggy'.

But they kept their victory a secret until the episode aired this month. 

Ed added: "It was pretty surreal sitting in the studio in person. 

"We worked really well as a team and in the end I managed to get us through.

"When it counted down [in the final round], I was doubtful. 

"You can see my reaction when we won the jackpot was just pure surprise. It was unbelievable.

"Overall, it was a really good experience."

Before scooping the prize, Ed said he would use the winnings to go travelling in South America.