Norfolk influencer on how to 'grow a holiday in your back garden'

Natali Pendleton transformed a section of her garden to transport her from Norfolk to the south of France.

Natali Pendleton transformed a section of garden to transport her from Norfolk to the south of France.

If you can’t get away for a far-flung holiday this year, try growing your own holiday in your garden. 

Package holidays with a difference come in seed packets. 

Instead of jetting off overseas, wannabe holidaymakers are being encouraged to step out into gardens planted with the flowers reminiscent of favourite destinations. 

Natali Pendleton who lives near Loddon is already looking forward to a package holiday with a difference - a trip to Nice, on the shores of the Mediterranean, thanks to a selection of brightly coloured plants including petunias, dahlias and trailing fuchsias. 

“I don't know if I will go on holiday this summer with everything currently going on,” said Natali who has more than 62,000 followers on her Natali in Norfolk Instagram account charting the renovation of her Georgian house.   

“I live in the countryside and I'm lucky that my garden is south-facing so if I don't manage to get away at least I can guarantee some warm sunshine, sunbathing and a few barbecues at home. We also see the most amazing sunsets from our lounge window, which are a real treat.”  

The grow your own holiday concept comes from online plant seller The Growers. 

Their tailored collections of plants arrive ready to plant, meaning you can be almost instantly transported to a Greek island, Barcelona, the Canaries or a little corner of the south of France, with the help of plants which will thrive in the UK as well as hotter climates.  

 Natali Pendleton transformed a section of her garden

Natali Pendleton transformed a section of her picturesque Georgian house garden to transport her from Norfolk to the south of France.

Nice-style garden in Norfolk

Natali Pendleton, known as Natali in Norfolk on Instagram, transformed a section of her picturesque Georgian house garden using Growing Somewhere Nice to transport her from Norfolk to Nice. - Credit: Julia Holland/PinPep

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“I chose the Nice option, as the Cote D'azur feels so romantic,” said Natali. “I wanted to bring a little bit of the warm Mediterranean coastline and the energy of the South of France to my back garden. I visited Nice when I was younger. I remember strolling along the Promenade in the evening, the warm air and how magical the atmosphere was. I would love to revisit one day in the not too distant future.” 

If you are dreaming of the Amalfi coast then try a mix of bright pink and orange geranium, dahlia, begonia and osteospermum while the Madeira package includes orange begonias and leafy coleus and gardeners missing Greece can plant the Santorini collection including pink and white geraniums, pink and purple petunia and a blue and white osteospermum blueberry shake. Tenerife comes in rich oranges and reds and other Growing Somewhere Nice collections include Barcelona, and Mallorca.  

Andrew Fuller, of The Growers, said: "We know the majority of people will be missing their summer holidays abroad this year so we wanted to do something fun to give those who aren’t able to get away a taste of their favourite holiday destination in their own garden. 

“Once you’ve transformed your outdoor space, my top tips for caring for your plants would be to check on them every day to ensure they aren’t drying out and are getting enough water, as well as making sure they are positioned correctly to get enough sunlight and have enough room to grow to their fullest.” 


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