Norwich nostalgia: Tombland through the decades

Norwich Streets -- TA mock-upmarket on TomblandDated -- 20 July, 1983Photograph -- C5284

A mock-up market on Tombland, dated July 20, 1983 - Credit: Archant Library

At the heart of Norwich, Tombland is now home to some great restaurants, pubs and cocktails bars.

The busy hub also houses Norwich Cathedral, which has played host to many historic events over the centuries.

The Queen is greeted on her arrival at the Cathedral by the Bishop of Norwich. Date: 1951

The Queen is greeted on her arrival at the Cathedral by the Bishop of Norwich. Date: 1951 - Credit: EDP Library

The name 'Tombland' stems from two Old English words meaning 'empty space' - and the area was originally the site of an Anglo-Saxon market.

Norwich Streets -- T Trees in Tombland Dated -- 7 May, 1953 Photograph -- C5277

Trees in Tombland, dated May 7, 1953. - Credit: Archant Library

Norwich Streets -- TTombland looking at Augustine Steward HouseDated -- 25 January, 1960

Tombland looking at Augustine Steward House from Erpingham Gate, dated January 25, 1960. - Credit: Archant Library

Cliff Richard visits Norwich Cathedral. Date: 2 June1972.

Cliff Richard visits Norwich Cathedral on June 2, 1972. - Credit: Archant

Camera and lights were in the aisles of Norwich Cathedral yesterday when choirs from Norwich school

Camera and lights in the aisles of Norwich Cathedral for Songs of Praise dated November, 1975. - Credit: Archant

Notable events in Tombland's history include the royal visits and the day cameras and lights took to the aisles of Norwich Cathedral back in November, 1975.

The winter day saw choirs from Norwich schools took part in Songs of Praise filmed by the BBC outside broadcasts unit.

Norwich Streets -- TMotorcycle parking on TomblandDated -- 7 October 1975Photograph -- C

Motorcycle parking in Tombland, dated October 7, 1975. - Credit: Archant Library

Norwich Streets -- TTombland looking towards the Maids Head HotelDated -- 29 August 1990

Tombland, looking towards the Maids Head Hotel, dated August 29, 1990. - Credit: Archant Library

Tombland is also home to the Maid's Head Hotel, which has been welcoming guests since the 12th century.

It is thought to be the oldest hostelry in England, built to house important guests to the Cathedral.

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Over the centuries, it has sheltered such famous names as Elizabeth I, Edward the Black Prince, and Catherine of Aragon.

Norwich Streets -- TTwo of the stalls on Tombland that were the subject of controversy. The Mark

Two stalls in Tombland which were the cause of some controversy, dated October 9, 1963. - Credit: Archant Library

Further afield these two stalls were the subject of some controversy in Tombland.

The Markets Committee of Norwich City Council ordered the stalls to be replaced by caravan-style units which were are easily moveable.

Traders were told that the stalls pictured had to be removed by the end of October, 1963.

But two of them stated that their new stalls would not be ready before Christmas that year.

Norwich Streets -- T Tombland looking towards the Cathedral Dated -- 19 November 1990 Photo

Tombland, looking towards the Cathedral, dated November 19, 1990. - Credit: Archant Library

Norwich Streets -- TTombland at the junction of Princes StreetDated -- 2 April 1985Photo

Tombland, at the junction of Prince's Street, dated April 2, 1985. - Credit: Archant Library

Norwich Streets -- T Autumn in Tombland Dated -- 15 October 1969 Photograph -- C5274

Autumn in Tombland, dated October 15, 1969. - Credit: Archant Library