Take a trip through 90 years of historic pictures of St Stephens Street

Traffic travelling down St Stephen's Street on the 28th January 1997.

Traffic travelling down St Stephen's Street on January 28, 1997. - Credit: EN Library

It has remained one of the city's main shopping streets for decades, but how much of the St Stephens Street of yesteryear do you remember?

In the 1930s trams roamed its length, while in the 1960s it saw major changes with new developments springing up and old buildings demolished.

During the 1960s, you could even make a post-shopping pit stop at the Wimpy Bar for a Brown Derby.

Now, many of the independent businesses that once stood on the street have been replaced by major chains and only buses and taxis are allowed to drive down it.

However, some things have not changed, with the Coachmakers Arms still a popular pub at the top end.

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