A look back at clubbing in Prince of Wales Road through the years

X factor runner ups, JLS at Mercy in NorwichPhoto:Sonya DuncanCopy:For: ENEDP pics © 2009(

JLS perform at Mercy in 2009. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2009

Prince of Wales Road is synonymous with Norwich's nightlife - with thousands of people flocking to clubs such as Popworld, Mojo's and Mantra.

Alongside Tombland, the area was and still is packed with revellers on Friday and Saturday nights - but can you remember dancing the night away in some of these clubs?

The street has been known for partying for almost 100 years, with a policeman remarking in 1927 that young people were causing "rowdiness" in the area.

And in the 1980s, the party levels increased as many clubs opened in the road making it the city's nightlife hub.

Some of the clubs which have been lost along the way include The Concept, Mercy and Liquid.