How has Norwich changed over the last decade?

Norwich streets and how they've changed over a decade

Gentleman's Walk in 2008 and then 11 years later in 2019 - Credit: Google

Norwich has undergone many changes over the last 10 years with new buildings and businesses appearing all the time.

How do the centre's streets compare on Google street view? We took a virtual around the fine city to compare pictures taken around 2010 to the most recent pictures available.

St Benedicts Street

One of the biggest changes in St Benedicts Street has been the introduction of on-street seating which followed the need for more outdoor dining due to the pandemic. 

Some shops and restaurants remain but also there have been changes such as the Music Room becoming Drake's tapas and cocktail bar.

Prince of Wales Road

The ever-revolving door of new bars and shop fronts on Prince of Wales can be seen in these images.

A number of bars and clubs that have closed have recently been turned into flats, prompting tension between nightlife businesses and the prospect of noise complaints from people. 

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Exchange Street

The corner of Exchange Street is relatively unchanged from a decade ago, with a Halifax branch and Jarrold still prominent in the area.

Things are set to change in the next few years though with plans for Chamberlain House, where Tesco Express is currently, to be transformed into a hotel.

Gentleman's Walk 

This image from 2008 shows a rather quiet Gentleman's Walk, which is a far cry from the usual hustle and bustle in the area.

Currys has since disappeared and there are several new businesses in the Royal Arcade. The market's greengrocers are still busy as ever and have been running for more than 50 years.

Westlegate Street

A number of vacant store fronts can be seen in this picture from more than a decade ago.

Businesses in the street have still faced difficulties after Westlegate Tower's cladding fell off in 2019, requiring scaffolding to be erected causing a reduction in trade. 

But perhaps most strikingly - the cars are gone! 

St Stephens Street

St Stephens Street is going to change significantly over the next few years following a £6.1m revamp which begins this month. 

The street looks relatively unchanged from a decade ago, aside from some new businesses and some updated shop fronts. 

Magdalen Street

Magdalen Street is a popular destination for shoppers and foodies alike today with a number of cafes, restaurants and quirky shops drawing people to the area. 

It was even dubbed the "Shoreditch of Norwich" due to the wide variety of new businesses in the street.