Do you remember Norwich's historic Rosary Tavern pub?

The Rosary Tavern pub poured pints from the early nineteenth century until it closed in 2009 Photo:

The Rosary Tavern closed in 2010 - Credit: ©Archant Photographic 2009

It first opened its doors in 1836, serving Norwich punters for nearly 175 years - but can you remember the city's Rosary Tavern pub?

Before closing in 2010 and becoming a house, the Rosary Road pub was known for its welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere.

It was first opened by Roger Sheedy in 1836, who was fined on May 14, 1861, for having the house open for the sale of beer at 2am on a Sunday.

And he was not the only Rosary Tavern owner to receive a fine for selling beer out of hours in the early days.

In 1918 then landlady Laura Wickham was given the choice of a £1 fine or 13 days detention.

In more recent years the pub was even home to the Norfolk Pipe Smokers Club which met on Thursdays and lit up inside before the smoking ban in 2007.