From climbing trees to ice cream vans: 50 things we miss about being a child

Weekend weather picture. An ice cream van parked on Hemsby beach.Photo: Bill DarnellCopy

An ice cream van parked on Hemsby beach - Credit: Archant © 2004

A poll of British adults has revealed what they most miss about their childhoods.

The research, commissioned by learning and tech brand Osmo, polled 2,000 British adults to discover what the best parts about being a child are, and what they miss the most.

Of the adults polled, 55pc said they would like to be able to relive their childhood, with 67pc calling trips to the beach some of their fondest memories.

The 2,000 adults polled said being seven-years-old was the most magical age. They also dubbed the 60s, 70s, and 80s the best decades to be a child.

Six in ten adults polled believed their childhoods were better than those of children today: spending more time outdoors, feeling the world was safer, and having more trust from their parents.

Family making sandcastles. Picture: Getty Images

Family making sandcastles. - Credit: Getty Images

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Top 50 things adults miss about being a child:

  1. Not worrying about money
  2. Having long school holidays
  3. The magical feeling of Christmas
  4. Always having energy
  5. Not paying any bills
  6. Not having to work
  7. Not having aches and pains
  8. Being really excited about birthdays
  9. Believing in Father Christmas
  10. Family holidays
  11. Getting loads of presents at Christmas
  12. The excitement of going to the beach
  13. Sleeping soundly
  14. The thrill of getting a new toy
  15. The excitement of hearing the ice-cream van
  16. Making dens
  17. Having no fear
  18. Having holidays paid for
  19. Getting money from the tooth fairy after losing a tooth
  20. Using your imagination freely
  21. Going to birthday parties
  22. Someone doing your laundry
  23. Being free to climb trees
  24. Watching cartoons on Saturday morning
  25. Playing games whenever and for however long you wanted
  26. Having a great imagination
  27. School trips
  28. Watching TV as soon as you got in from school
  29. Being friends with everyone
  30. Everything being new
  31. Being able to fall asleep comfortably anywhere
  32. Building sandcastles
  33. Playing with your siblings
  34. Being the first one to see the sea on a trip to the beach
  35. Getting clothes bought for you
  36. Feeding ducks in the park
  37. Building things
  38. Jumping in puddles
  39. Not having to shave every day
  40. Water fights
  41. Sleepovers
  42. Using an empty box to create countless games
  43. Being excited by public transport
  44. Swapping stickers with friends
  45. Asking any questions you like, to anyone you want
  46. Not knowing what a hangover is
  47. Being carried to bed by your parents
  48. Making paper airplanes
  49. Watching Gladiators on a Saturday night
  50. Dressing up anytime, not only on Halloween

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