This is the time when we all ponder on our hopes for the coming year.

Some are personal, some political, some possible and some pie-in-the-sky.

One of our main ones is, we hope, more than possible - and that is that we will see work begin on the long-overdue revamp of Norwich's Anglia Square complex.

MORE: Could 2018 be the year of positive change for Norwich's Anglia Square?It's not for us to say exactly how any new development should look or what elements should comprise it. But we can say with absolute certainty that large parts of Anglia Square are an eyesore.

The rundown, graffiti-scrawled backside of the current complex is a prominent sight for anybody travelling into Norwich from Aylsham Road and beyond. It is a poor advert for a wonderful city.

MORE: Latest regeneration proposals for Anglia Square include increased parking and layout changesSo we appeal to all involved in its future to make a resolution that 2018 will be a defining year in its regeneration, unlocking the potential of an underrated area.