I would like to share with the readers how my visit to the centre of our fine city was ruined last week by a selfish individual.

Thursday was a bright sunny day so I decided to take a leisurely walk into the city centre and I felt settled and content as I strolled into the city.

However, as I turned into Gentlemans Walk I had the misfortune of being engulfed by the dreaded vapour smoke.

In front of me a young lad was blowing out huge amounts of funny smelling smoke at regular intervals. He had no consideration for other people as they moved out of the way to avoid the smoke. It was like following a stream engine train in full flow travelling through our city centre.

The way the lad was strutting around gave me the impression he had made it in life just because he had one of these environmentally friendly gadgets.

Why do the rest of us have to endure the ridiculous amount of smoke these attention-seeking gadgets give out?

It feels like the vapour gadget has become the latest 'must be seen with' accessory.

Hopefully the novelty of vaping will soon wear out and be replaced by something which does not impose on the rest of us!