As part of our new series, we're asking YOU about living in Norfolk, from your first house to why you moved or chose to stay here.

This week, Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s artistic director, Daniel Brine, shares his story.

How long have you lived in Norfolk?
I lived in West Suffolk since 2015, not far from the Norfolk/Suffolk border. I moved to Norfolk in 2019.

Did you know what to expect?
I felt I knew Norfolk well and knew what to expect but actually, as I get to know Norfolk, it far exceeds my expectations.

What were your first impressions?
I love Norfolk because it feels like there is space but also lots to do. First impressions were lovely landscapes, great beaches and lots of good places to walk.

Why did you move?
I’m the director of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, so I moved here for work.

But I’ve taken the opportunity to enjoy living here and it does feel like a welcome different way of life.

What was your first Norfolk property like?
I bought in Norfolk. I knew I liked it here and wanted to put down roots. My first Norfolk property was a little Grade II* listed cottage in Norwich.

Have you stayed in the first area you moved to?
My partner and I moved to Beachamwell in West Norfolk just before Christmas.

We love the challenge of renovating old buildings and have found the perfect place to do-up. The village is lovely and friendly with lots of great tracks to walk our dogs.

What do you like most about life in Norfolk?
The pace of life in Norfolk is just right for us. We love that we have countryside all around us but also can spend time in Norwich, with its rich cultural life and great restaurants.

What advice would you give to someone looking to relocate?
Take a little time to get to know Norfolk before deciding where to settle – there are lots of options.

A little country village in the middle of nowhere has a very different vibe to a seaside retreat. Norwich is wonderful but towns like King’s Lynn, Cromer and Diss are real treasures waiting to be discovered.

Norfolk & Norwich Festival is on now and runs until Sunday, May 29.

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