A funeral director from Hethersett will appear on a Channel 4 gameshow next week.

Jon Goodrum, 56 and a former Elvis impersonator, will be a contestant on Moneybags which is hosted by Craig Charles.

Mr Goodrum is no stranger to a TV quiz show, having appeared on eight over the years including The Chase, Family Fortunes, In It To Win It and The Generation Game.

Moneybags has a top prize of £1m and contestants are asked a question and have to grab the bag with the correct answer as it passes along a conveyor belt.

Players have to think fast to beat the others to the correct bag in order to earn its value.

Mr Goodrum said of his experience: "I loved it, it’s full of ups and downs and twists and turns.

"And we all got along so well. Usually, with these sorts of things, you’re only there for a day, but we were there for a few and really got to know each other.

"The competitiveness was there but once a person got to the final, everyone wanted them to do well."

Mr Goodrum will appear on Moneybags on Monday, September 5, at 5pm.