Visionary director Ang Lee is back with his latest movie entitled Life of Pi, and in all honesty it could be his best work.

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Release Date: 20th December 2012 (UK)

Based on Yann Martel’s novel of the same name the film follows Pi, a young man who survives a disaster at sea being hurled into an epic adventure. Whilst cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor, who happens to be a fearsome Bengal tiger.

Life of Pi for me is a film that fully deserves its critical and commercial success. It’s an enchanting adventure that is just as innovative as it is beautiful, and although that word may sound slightly cheesy that really is the definitive way of describing this movie. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the special effects are some of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s the type of film that really connects with you as an audience member and you really do reside with the films central character who is portrayed brilliantly by Suraj Sharma.

Considering that this is Sharma’s first acting role he is exquisite. He manages to hold the majority of the film together solely and it’s rather difficult to imagine anyone else in the role. Although this may sound absolutely ridiculous the chemistry he has on screen with tiger, Richard Parker is very touching. Going back to what I said previously about the use of CGI not only would you be very hard pushed to find anything as good as it this year, the animated tiger is so wonderfully crafted at times you completely forget that it’s not real, due to the way it walks, eats and even its eyes. The attention to detail is literally breath-taking.

The film is quite simply a true masterpiece and for once the 3D is actually worth paying for. I would say if you plan on seeing this film, 3D is essential as it probably wouldn’t be the same experience without it. It is easily the best use of the technology since James Cameron’s Avatar and with a film as jaw-dropping as this it works wonders. When I originally heard that the film was being released in 3D I was actually quite excited. By putting the technology in the hands of someone like Ang Lee you automatically knew it would be good and by God is it. It has in a way kind of rekindled my love for the technology and if it can be this good then it makes me excited to see how it can be furthered.

The film touches on many different aspects despite originally seeming rather simple. At first I thought the film would be in the same vein as Castaway but what Life of Pi really is, is an epic adventure on a grand scale that is not only about survival but friendship and faith and for that I find it most amendable. At times I was so immersed I actually forget I was watching a movie and as you may well know you can’t give any higher praise than that.

For me Life of Pi is easily one of the year’s best films and quite possibly one of the best films I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely a front runner come award season for best director; special effects and best picture and I personally I would like to see it win.

Overall I highly recommend Life of Pi. It’s a film that everyone can enjoy, a must see film that makes cinema seem fresh and exciting again.





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