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NNF15. Caroline Criado-Perez. Photo: Caitlin Mogridge.

Review: Caroline Criado-Perez, The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral

Do you remember the woman who campaigned for Elizabeth Fry to remain on five pound notes? The male rage she attracted on Twitter as a result was unbelievable. That person is Caroline Criado-Perez. She’s a feminist, she’s a writer and journalist; and she’s an incredible fund raiser who has attracted thousands of pounds of backing for her projects.

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NNF15. John Lanchester. Photo: Coll McDonnell.

Review: John Lanchester, The Hostry, Norwich

I have long admired John Lanchester the novelist. Now, after his money talk, he’s impressed as an explainer of complex financial matters.

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Caroline Lucas. Photo: JJ Waller.

Review: Caroline Lucas

On the first day of the new Parliament, Green MP Caroline Lucas made a timely choice to draw this year’s City of Literature strand of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival to a close.

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NNF15. SJ Watson. Photo: Graham Jepson.

Festival offers a fine city of literature programme

Our fine city is renowned on the world stage for being a UNESCO City of Literature, and this year’s Norfolk and Norwich Festival programme offers a fine selection of events focussing on the written and spoken word.

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Maddermarket Theatre. Photo: Denise Bradley.

Script writing prize launched in memory of the founder of Norwich’s Maddermarket Theatre

Aspiring script writers are being invited to enter a writing competition that has been set up in honour of the Maddermarket Theatre’s founder Nugent Monck.

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Norfolk and Norwich Festival director, William Galinsky. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Top ten events not to miss at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

The final countdown to the Norfolk and Norwich Festival is underway, with the art world coming to Norwich from Friday May 8.

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