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Reader Letter: Why were there no bag checks at Take That concerts at Carrow Road?

PUBLISHED: 13:32 20 June 2017 | UPDATED: 13:47 20 June 2017

Queues outside Carrow Road for Take That concerts. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

Queues outside Carrow Road for Take That concerts. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

archant 2017

We had tickets for the first performance of the Take That concert, my wife`s birthday present.

We decided to make a day of it and arrived in Norwich in time for lunch. We had lunch, visited the Castle Museum and sat in the sun reading a book.

This meant that we needed a bag to carry all the bits and pieces in a small rucksack I carried on my back. We proceeded to Carrow Road, without returning to the car, at around 5.30pm.

Two things occurred - one that annoyed, and one that worried.

We had seats but as soon as Take That appeared almost everyone stood up, and I could not see, fortunately we could move to unoccupied seats where there was empty ones in front so could see everything.

My wife tells me that this is standard at all such concerts; this was not the first time she has been to a Take That concert. What an amazingly staged show.

The more worrying is that the rucksack that I had on my back was not checked, or commented on, as we went through the gates.

Having been told that security had been stepped up I was somewhat surprised that there was no bag check - something my wife commented on.

Even before the Manchester and London attacks, whenever we visited a public venue my bag was always checked or had to be left at the entrance.

Was this the same at all the gates, or was it just an oversight on the security people at this gate?

Paul Winn, Hawthorn Chase, Moulton, Spalding


  • Allah o ackba, sounds a bit Irish.

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017

  • Dick Turnip.What???????

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    rikki nadir

    Monday, June 19, 2017

  • When we got to within four people of the turnstile we encountered the first sign of a security check. This consisted of the guard asking my partner if her bag had been checked. She said yes and he 2as going to leave it. But she actually it hadn't been checked and he then proceeded to check it. Bearing in mind the build up on security and the recent incidents elsewhere, this was both pathetic and concerning.

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    Monday, June 19, 2017

  • I made sure I took a bag of size that was allowed All compartments of my bag were checked before we were allowed in I even commented to my husband the professionalism of one security personnel, a young girl in the stadium, who had checked my bag on the way in, kept her back to Take that on stage and watched the audience the whole time, she was thorough on checking for anything or anyone suspicious, she did not watch the concert but continued with her role. There were many security covering the ground and I felt reassured during the concert

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    Laura Jenkins

    Monday, June 19, 2017

  • Probably because your average Take That fan doesn't look anything like the people who have carried out atrocities in the UK recently. I know the bleeding heart liberals won't like it , but ISIS terrorists do not generally resemble my granny.

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    Dick Turnip

    Monday, June 19, 2017

  • My small handbag was checked and everyone else was being checked in all of the queue.

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    Lynne Newton

    Monday, June 19, 2017

  • This isn't just the Take That concert, this is just security at Carrow Road in general. I have noted a lack of thoroughness regarding match day security to Norwich City FC via their social media channels and have had zero response or acknowledgement. Upon enter the stadium a steward will see you've got a bag, tell you that your bag 'needs checking' and he will (normally a man), tap the bottom of your bag - what is this suppose to check or tell them? I'm just a normally man, but the security man doesnt know they, he has absolutely no idea what's in my bag - he's just there to 'tap' the bottom of my bag because it's a procedure he's been told to do. FYI I have carried large amounts of liquids, glass bottles, heavy bicycle D-locks and once I even had a bag of nails that I had purchased from Thorns in the town centre - my point bring these sorts of items in the wrong hands combined with poor security could spell disaster in the future. Football stadiums can hold tens of thousands of people, and security like at Carrow Road in making them easy targets. NCFC should be DOING MORE! Even more so in the light of Manchester and multiple London attacks.

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    Lewis Dellar-Witt

    Monday, June 19, 2017

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