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Your PinkUn: The state of Norwich City - your poll results

PUBLISHED: 18:14 18 May 2014


As Norwich City slipped out of the Premier League with barely a whimper, we at the Pink Un felt it was time you, the fans, had an opportunity to make your voices heard.

So we decided to pose a number of questions during the week – and turn over our weekly Pink Un to your answers.

The response was incredible. We had thousands of comments on all aspects of the season: the players, the club, the management, the future.

We thank you for your comments and your sentiments. As usual, they are wide-ranging, some tinged with sadness, some with humour. All with genuine feeling.

Who should be the next Norwich City manager?

Ralf Rangnick 2637 votes 37%

Neil Lennon 1357 20%

Mike Phelan 646 9%

Malky Mackay 614 9%

Tim Sherwood 399 6%

Uwe Rosler 227 3%

David Moyes 204 3%

Roberto Di Matteo 203 3%

Neil Adams 195 3%

Eddie Howe 123 2%

Gianfranco Zola 111 2%

Steve Clarke 107 2%

Neil Warnock 104 1%

Mark Bowen 6 0%

Mark the City players out of 10 for the season

1463 responses. Only those who have played 15 games or more are included.

Olsson 7.1

Ruddy 7.1

Snodgrass 6.9

Tettey 6.1

Howson 5.9

Turner 5.7

Redmond 5.7

Hooper 5.5

Johnson 5.5

Martin 5.5

R Bennett 5.3

Fer 5.2

Whittaker 4.8

Hoolahan 4.7

Elmander 4.7

Bassong 4.0

Pilkington 4.0

Wolfswinkel 3.0

Where do you think Norwich City will finish in the 2014/15 season?

Mid-table 737 votes 29%

Playoffs 679 27%

Champions 355 14%

Just outside the bottom three 293 12%

Relegated to League One 240 10%

Runners-up 199 8%

How do you feel about the general direction the club is moving in on and off the field?

Unhappy 315 votes 39%

Satisfied 268 34%

Happy 124 16%

Angry 79 9%

Delighted 14 2%

How would you describe your feelings towards the effectiveness of the Norwich City board?

Neither happy or unhappy 288 votes 36%

Unhappy 276 votes 34%

Happy 236 30%

Which division do you see the club being in in five years time?

Premier League 488 votes 61%

Championship 293 37%

League Two 11 1%

League One 8 1%

Do you think Norwich City will get promoted back into the Premier League next season?

No 434 votes 54%

Yes 366 46%

How satisfied are you with Norwich City on a scale of 0-5?

0 39 votes 5%

1 85 11%

2 180 23%

3 300 36%

4 158 20%

5 38 5%


  • I have a leaning toward Sherwood. He is sooo not nice. Just what we need. Lambert proved that, Hughton confirmed it by default. pubmandave has spoken on the subject - on another board. He got Holt & Hughton right. Like him or loathe him, pmd has a good track record. Not like Neil Clement`s.. ;-)

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    Mad Brewer

    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • No to Lennon - Never been more than a large king in a league of small significance diminished significantly from the recent demise of Rangers. How can you judge his effectiveness when the competition is so slim. Again SHERWOOD is your man. In his short tenure at Spurs his winning percentage was superior to his last 5 predecessors and toward the end off the season his side seemed to be gelling under his guidance. Firmness, toughness, local knowledge, speaks his mind, gets results, knows how to get the best out of his players. Will rid city of the rot starting with RVW whom I see is bottom of your pole. SHERWOOD gentlemen, please

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    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • Most of the people who voted on here for the new manager,I bet dont go to any matches. I voted but i dont see the matches, so the votes dont mean nothing, I think it should be Malky, or Lennon. Either a cool head in Malky who know the championship or Lennon who is untried but will give them a rocket if they dont perform, and Will Get Hooper to stay who will score goals in the championship. But what do i know, i am a armchair supporter who is disabled. UP THE CITY We Will be back!

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    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • There`s something rotten in the state of West Bromwich, Leslie. Look up Neil Clement on Wiki. Darren Ferguson`s entry is interesting too. If I`d voted for PoS, it would`ve been Becchio had Hughton still been there - I think Lucifer would`ve understood the joke was not on him. It would`ve been cruel to pick on The Jackal, as he was always going to be just a back-up `keeper. I think the Top 3 was about right, though I would`ve had Olsson as No.1. Didn`t players have to play a minimum of 15 games to be eligible, or was that just for Archant`s joke poll?

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    Mad Brewer

    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • I agree with you MB i had never heardof Rangnick before the vote but maybe the people that voted for him were the ones that voted for Carlo Nash in the player of the year poll

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    leslie cater

    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • Afterthought - Perhaps somebody like Clement, who has done "interesting things" in the world of horse-racing, is equally adept at doing similar interesting things in the world of football. The connection lies with that dodgy institution, the bookmaking "industry"..... West Bromwich, Clement, funny odds, weird betting patterns. Hmmm.

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    Mad Brewer

    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • Before this poll, I`d never heard of Ralf Rangnick. If the system allowed multiple voting, then it is meaningless. As it is open to anyone who cares to log on, including those politely alluded to by Trevor Keith, then it is meaningless. There is also a bit of puff, exuding from a certain silly-billy of a bookie, claiming an odds-on candidate for the manager`s job - Neil Clement. Also, suspiciously, this character has West Brom connections, so that`s meaningless. Btw, this last character has no management experience and has done "interesting things" in the world of horse-racing. So that`s meaningless, too. Oops - just noticed the word "meaningless" has appeared a few times? What does that mean.....? I wonder if there`s a covert Donkeyboys cell in West Bromwich?

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    Mad Brewer

    Monday, May 19, 2014

  • I think Rangnick must have a few fans who voted hundreds of times. He also won a Birmingham Mail poll for the new WBA manager last December and that makes me doubly suspicious.

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    Sunday, May 18, 2014

  • Where has the name Ralf Rangnick come from? He could be a great appointment if he's got his head sorted out. Haven't heard him linked before and to win a poll like this seems odd.

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    Sunday, May 18, 2014

  • Just as well the Pinkun does not speak for the season ticket holders he, I suspect many of the votes cast were from supporters of the club down the road.

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    Sunday, May 18, 2014

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