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Do you have something to say or ask about your area? The Norwich Evening News has teamed up with to give you a place to voice opinions and share practical information and advice with people living nearby.

The local social network connects you with your neighbours so you can swap recommendations, alert people to important news, discuss the things you love about Norwich, and have a little grumble about those you don’t.

It’s like chatting over the garden fence but with lots of neighbours and at times that suit you.

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Go to and sign up with your postcode and email address. It’s free and easy, and you’ll automatically be linked to the people and conversations where you live.

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Photo sales

PhotosOur photographers capture all life across Norwich - news, sport, events and entertainment. Whatever it is, we're there to capture the moment.

Their professional shots make a perfect keepsake of those memorable events, and are available to buy online.

You can even get them printed on t-shirts, mugs and more to make great gifts for friends and family.

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Family notices

ChampagneBirths, marriages, deaths and more from Norwich and across the country.

You can browse announcements, leave messages and tributes, and book your own adverts.

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Norwich crime and democracy

Ballot box

Got a gripe about where you live?

Use our search tools to find out about crime and policing in your area, and get in touch with your member of parliament and local councillors.

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