When is your last train home?

Greater Anglia train on the Norwich to Cambridge route via Ely. (Class 170). Photo: Bill Smith Greater Anglia train on the Norwich to Cambridge route via Ely. (Class 170). Photo: Bill Smith

Thursday, March 6, 2014
12:01 PM

The Evening News is investigating what time the last train is for people who want to enjoy our region’s nightlife and cultural events, and then use a rail service to get home.

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We want to hear readers’ and rail passengers’ views on whether they think the trains run late enough, how often they catch the last train and what would make them consider using a night-time train service more often.

Add your comments below, email kim.briscoe@archant.co.uk, call Kim Briscoe on 01603 772474 or tweet her at @journokim.

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  • I come orginally from Lowestoft, although now live in Norwich , and can remember the frustration when i still lived there, at sometimes having to rush out of a theatre performance early to catch the last train which is at the ridiculously early time of 10.40. Due to lack of jobs in Lowestoft many people there work in city and sure they would like to attend work functions etc but find it very difficult with such an early last train.. A friend often vists me and we go to the theatre, so far been ok and she has been able to get last train but it is far too early. Surely could be at least 11 oclock or even 11,30 even if just on a fri or sat, Its the old story east anglia is way behind the rest of the UK.

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    june muskett

    Thursday, March 6, 2014





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