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Video and Photo Gallery: Panic over! Is Norwich prepared for a zombie apocalypse?

10:27 01 February 2014

Zombies invade Norwich, but don

Zombies invade Norwich, but don't worry because City Hall have contingency plans in place for a Zombie apocalypse. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Archant Norfolk.

Norwich City Council responds with their plans for a zombie apocalypse


Original Request

Dear Norwich City Council,

After seeing the shocking news that Leicester City Council were not

prepared for a zombie outbreak, I was heartened to learn that Bristol City Council were prepared.

I wish to understand Norwich City Council’s provisions and level of

preparedness in case of a zombie apocalypse.

I will understand if my bins aren’t collected during this time, but

the beheading and safe disposal of the living dead needs to be a

top council priority.

Yours faithfully,

Marcus Potter

An army of creepy visitors descended on the streets of Norwich yesterday.

Terrified passers by watched in horror as the walking dead marched amongst busy shoppers on Gentleman’s Walk.

Fortunately, they weren’t the real thing - but actors finding out how Norwich would cope with a zombie apocalypse.

And worried city residents can rest easy, because Norwich City Council has said it is prepared for such events.

Reporter Donna-Louise Bishop and her husband Ben Clarke started dating after they discovered they shared a love for all things zombie:

They say opposites attract and in the case of my husband Ben and I, that statement could not be truer.

But there is one secret passion we share and that’s zombies.

In fact this “passion” is one of the main reasons we started spending more time together, which eventually led to us getting married and having our baby boy Adam.

We don’t spend our evenings dressing up as them or anything but many a conversation has been had about our plans should there be an outbreak of the flesh-eating fiends.

Even on our first date the film of choice was a George A. Romero classic and many birthday and Christmas presents have involved buying books and films about zombie survival.

It soon became our “thing” watching any zombie film we could get our hands on (you really have to be a fan to wade through some of the Hollywood horrors).

One of my favourite memories though is two years ago on Valentine’s Day when Ben set up a “zombie outbreak” scenario at our house.

Scary music blasted out from the iPod speaker while I followed clues he had left in each room to find him.

Armed with a chocolate bar and toy revolver - which I had located on the other side of the loft hatch door - I managed to find my then-boyfriend in the spare bedroom and “saved” him from becoming a zombie before the infection spread.

Yes it is a weird thing that brought us together, but, as we always say, always expect the unexpected - even if it is the zombie apocalypse.

It began with an unusual Freedom of Information Request from one concerned citizen who wished to know if the council had provisions in place for a zombie apocalypse.

Marcus Potter, who filed the request, said: “I will understand if my bins aren’t collected during this time, but the beheading and safe disposal of the living dead needs to be a top council priority.”

And council’s the response was unexpected.

It said it had a duty to have tried and tested plans in place to respond to and support an emergency that might occur in Norwich City.

It said: “We work alongside the emergency services and other Norfolk Resilience Forum partners to respond to an emergency and we would support our communities in the recovery following an incident.”

But it was not just the council that said it would be ready for such an unnatural event.

Oliver Cousins, 20, of Buckham Place, a domestic cleaner, said he had a plan.

“I would probably try and store lots of food because I don’t want to go hungry,” he said.

“I would try and fight them off but I don’t think I would make it, I would probably just turn into one and get everyone else.”

But Norwich’s plans are tame compared to Bristol, who’s city council responded to a similar request.

It provided a “Contingency Plan for Handling Zombie Outbreaks in Bristol,” including alert states which ranged from “ambient zombie level” where people would be warned to be on the look out for “tell-tale signs”, to “zombie pandemic level”, where infection levels were above 30pc.

Bristol City Council’s tongue-in-cheek plan even advised of a “zombie killing procedure”.

Luckily for Norwich, today’s zombies were played by actors from Thetford’s Combat Paintball team who run zombie-themed nights.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: “The enquiry about a zombie attack was definitely among the more unusual ones we’ve received – on a similar theme we also recently received an FOI enquiry about an alien invasion.”

How have you prepared for the zombie invasion? Let us know on Twitter @EveningNews.



  • Them zombies could have come from county or city hall -- some of the decisions they make

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    Saturday, February 1, 2014

  • Norwich City Council are planning for a Zombie Apocalypse, by drafting up plans for a new Tax (Zombie Tax)

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    che bramley

    Saturday, February 1, 2014

  • Just a normal day on Norwich market

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    Saturday, February 1, 2014

  • Them zombies could have come from county or city hall -- some of the decisions they make

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    Saturday, February 1, 2014

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