Update: ‘Sonic boom’ that rattled east Norfolk homes could have been F-15 jet from RAF Lakenheath

20th Anniversary celebrations of the arrival of the F-15 at RAF Lakenheath.

20th Anniversary celebrations of the arrival of the F-15 at RAF Lakenheath.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
2:57 PM

An American fighter jet may be behind the loud bang that caused homes to tremble across east Norfolk yesterday afternoon.

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A spokesman from RAF Lakenheath said one of the base’s F-15 aircraft could have created the bang, likened by residents to a “sonic boom”, which was heard in Belton, Burgh Castle, Runham, Reedham and Filby.

The spokesman said: “We are investigating an event from mid-afternoon yesterday in the vicinity of Norwich.

“It is possible one of our F-15 aircraft was involved in an extremely transitory event that could have created the reported sounds. The Air Force will conduct a thorough investigation and provide information as it becomes available.”

The loud clap was heard between 2pm and 3pm yesterday, with some residents reporting that it rattled houses.

Emily Beaumont, who lives near Reedham, said: “Did hear a huge bang yesterday which shook the house around 2 - 3pm.”

Liasa Deller added: “Heard one yesterday afternoon in Runham about 2ish, never heard anything like it before.”

And Dawn Howes from Belton said: “I heard one at 3:10pm yesterday, made me jump!”

But the sound does not appear to have travelled too far as neighbours in nearby Gorleston and Great Yarmouth said they did not hear a thing.


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