Teenage go kart international swaps steering wheel for pen and becomes a published author

Gaby Weyer Gaby Weyer

Friday, December 13, 2013
9:00 AM

A reluctant teenage writer who is more comfortable handling a steering wheel than a pen has became a published author after a story she wrote in 20 minutes was selected for a charity book.

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Gaby Weyer penned her tale about George the Gorilla in just 20 minutes during an English lesson at the Open Academy in Norwich in March.

The 15-year-old Norwich resident, who has represented England in international go karting competitions abroad, was astonished to hear that her work was one of 36 animal stories chosen from thousands of entries from across the country for the book Wild n Free Too.

Gaby will travel to London on Saturday for the official launch of the book, which includes 36 animal stories written by nine to 16 years olds, and available on Amazon for £8. Proceeds go to the international wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation.

She said: “It’d about a gorilla who is being chased by hunters who are trying to kill him. He meets a girl and she stopped the hunters from getting him.

“I did not know it would be any good. I thought it had no chance of getting into the book. I was quite happy and surprised.”

Despite her newly-found success, she said she does not enjoy writing and has not been inspired to write anything else, and instead wants to become a barrister.

However, she said her mother was very excited when she heard the news, and had already ordered three copies of the book.

Asked about the secret of the story’s success, Claire Oliff, Gaby’s English teacher last year, said: “I thought it was good because it was quite simple. Sometimes that’s best. The morals were quite clear and it was quite touching, what actually happens.

“I think at her age, to have something like that under her belt is something she needs to build on. Even if writing is not her passion, all students need to celebrate their achievements and use it to raise their confidence.”






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