Pupils from Taverham Hall Preparatory School getting ready for The British Model Flying Association FYP Challenge

Taverham school children get ready for model plane competition

Monday, November 19, 2012
4.42 PM

Pupils from Taverham Hall Preparatory School have been busy preparing themselves for the British Model Flying Association FYP Challenge.

The association is organising the Fly Your Plane Challenge in partnership with the Royal Navy, and as Taverham Hall Preparatory School run their own Aeromodelling Club, the children have decided to spend the first half of this term building models to compete in this National School’s Challenge.

Three models are being built by each pupil, the Dart, which is a delta wing design, the Arrow and the high performance Gyminie Cricket.

All models are rubber powered and will be flown indoors in the school’s sports hall and outside when the weather improves.

The pupils are paying much attention to saving weight on their models, weighing and sanding each component.

Josun Cole, a Year 7 pupil at the school, said: “Our models are much lighter than previous versions and fly for longer.”

The competition runs to June 2013, so the Taverham Hall Year 3 to Year 8 pupils have plenty of time to improve their flight times.

Parent and the school’s Aeromodelling club organiser, Leon Cole said: “The pupils are very competitive and are keen to make their models the best performing.”

If your school or youth group is interested in competing, read more about the National School’s Challenge at www.flyyourplane.com