So long to 2012 and thanks for all those great insults

Monday, December 31, 2012
11:00 PM

It wouldn’t be the end of the year unless I compiled for you my annual list of “best insults from readers” – think of it like one of those Channel 4 compilation programmes but without the adverts or soundbites from Paul Ross.

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1) “You are so superficial and vapid that you can’t think of anything important to write about. Your next move should be to kick a puppy for barking.”

2) “You have flat hair.”

3) “In addition, you insulted the flipping Frog Chorus, which demonstrates your bankrupt argument. You write from ignorance.”

4) “Calling you a coward was kind. Calling you vapid was just plain accurate, as you’ve proved.”

5) “You are a lazy, ignorant, ridiculous, pathetic, cretinous excuse for a human being. In other words, everything Paul McCartney is not.”

Four of the above are from the same reader who, I was surprised to see, did not send me a Christmas card.

The last insult is from a different reader, albeit about the same column in which I said that Paul McCartney was…no, let’s not go there.

This goes on the internet. Paul McCartney’s fans are quite rabid and there’s only so many flat-haired insults a vapid, cowardly, ignorant, lazy, ridiculous, pathetic, cretinous excuse for a human being can take in one year.

On the flip side: four marriage proposals from readers this year, which is a new high.

Sorry, Mr McCartney, it’s still a no.

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  • Here's one for you I personally regard you as a " happy shopper Burchill" and just as deluded.

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    clive hill

    Tuesday, January 1, 2013





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