According to psychologist Arthur Aron, we are just 36 simple questions away from finding love.

The 36 questions which can make you fall in love with anyone

It would be nice if there was a scientific route to true love, wouldn’t it? THERE IS ONE.

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Stacia Briggs - 10 things you need to know before you own a teenager

When you imagine yourself as a parent, in those heady years when you have lie-ins and spare cash and lots of dry towels in the bathroom and a fridge full of booze instead of Dairylea Dunkers, you’re unlikely to imagine yourself as the parent of a teenager.

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The big reveal took place in a live show to mark EastEnders 30th annivesary last night. Picture: BBC.

Killer EastEnders twist in Lucy Beale’s tale was worth the wait

So Abi Branning didn’t do it, even though she had form with the family dog. Ben ‘He’s Got Form’ Mitchell didn’t do it, Peter ‘Vegetable Boy’ Beale isn’t guilty and Denise ‘Make Mine a Double’ Fox wasn’t responsible.

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10 lessons men can learn from 50 Shades of Grey

It’s less than a week before 50 Shades of Grey is released in cinemas and I am breathless with anticipation: this will be the perfect time to go and see something else at the pictures and virtually be guaranteed the place to myself.

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Magician holding an empty top hat and magic wand

How to survive a children’s party in 10 steps

As a parent, you have good days and bad days and then you have days when you wish you could be instantly jettisoned into space in a hermetically-sealed bubble to live out your remaining air supply in glorious, wonderful peace and quiet.

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Don't be like this.

Opinion: Five steps to mastering the art of being miserable

A month ago, it was the most magical time of the year - today, is the most miserable day of the year: time flies when you’ve forgotten to prepare to have no fun.

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Don't be like this.

10 things you need to know before you become a vegetarian

Apparently, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2015 is for people keen to eat less meat.

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A Fakenham Dance Party in Full Swing. Photo: Matthew Usher.

10 alternative New Year’s Resolutions that won’t make you feel like a failure

New year resolutions are so 2014: this year, I’m all about the alternative resolutions, you know, things that are really easy. Or that I’m already doing.

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50 signs you’ve ‘made it’ - How many can you say Yes to?

According to a new survey of 2,000 people, if you really want to impress the neighbours you need a joint annual salary of £100,000, a car worth £36,000, a TV bigger than 55 inches, a pedigree dog, a home cinema system and a selection of gilets.

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New traffic restrictions in Norwich city centre being implemented. New signs unveiled on St Stephens Street .Photo : Steve Adams

Opinion: Norwich City Council has it in for drivers who live in the city

The ‘Transport for Norwich’ scheme which has banned cars from St Stephen’s Street, part of Surrey Street and has closed Rampant Horse Street to through traffic is really fantastic – especially if you live just off Unthank Road and never want to leave your house by car.

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Festive attractions include Roald Dahl's Esio Trot, with Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench. Picture: BBC.

Opinion: Give us some decent Christmas TV this year

Auntie Beeb has announced her Christmas line-up and it’s packed with comedy, drama and plenty of festive specials you probably haven’t been waiting for. EDP TV reviewer Stacia Briggs flicks through the festive listings.

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Statistically, I am more likely to die in a plane crash, from a lightning strike, from a bee sting or be killed by a shark, than I am to contract Ebola.

‘As hobbies go, it’s fairly annoying.’ The curse of being a hypochondriac

As subjects for free-form anxiety go, Ebola is one that I am finding difficult to shake off in the middle of the night – every time I cough, I assume I am in the early stages, despite the fact that I haven’t been to West Africa, haven’t had close contact with a chimpanzee, fruit bat or forest antelope and I’m not a health worker.

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Vivian Stanshall, of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, whose song The Intro and the Outro makes excellent use of the list.

How to make a good list and why it’s so important to make them

I love lists so much that I have a special ‘to-do list’ book, a special ‘to-do list’ pad of post-it notes and a special ‘to-do list’ tear-off paper pad so that I never need to be without a specialised method of writing lists.

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10 things that every man, woman, child or pet should know about cleaning

It’s a brave broadcaster that stumbles into the domestic battlefield of Chore Wars, but Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour is that brave broadcaster (insert sexist comment which is below me, considering my steadfast stance on equal rights).

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Archant picture of WHSmith in the late 1970's/early 1980's vinyl record and cassette department.

Remembering the days when we recorded music from the Top 40 on to cassette tape

They are superseded relics of the past that we remember in rose-tinted hues. Recording music from the Top 40, buying singles on Vinyl, watching Top Of The Pops having having penpals - these are the things parents most miss from their childhood, according to new research. STACIA BRIGGS remembers the days of C90.

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Cafe Culture at the Norwich Food and Drink Festival - Barista competition. Competitor Chris Parry.

Norwich baristas do battle at The Forum

There are more than 60 independent coffee shops in the heart of Norwich and numerous chains serving the nation’s favourite hot beverages. A new event aims to recognise Norwich’s rich café environment and crown the best barista in the city. STACIA BRIGGS laps up the atmosphere.

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When jeans attack: riveting tale of those trouser safety incidents

The headteacher from reality TV show Educating Essex has fired a shot over the bows of the good ship Marks and Spencer, blasting its new campaign for a range of “cool” uniform staples such as slim-fit shirts and skinny-fit trousers.

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Afternoon tea at the Assembly House. Picture: Denise Bradley

Norwich Food and Drink Festival dates to get your teeth into

It’s the largest event of its kind in the country and it’s right here in our fine county – the Norfolk Food and Drink Festival 2014 celebrates a delicious decade this year and has a programme of events guaranteed to whet every appetite. STACIA BRIGGS reveals some of the highlights of the first half of the festival.

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Taylor Swift arrives at the Teen Choice Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Pink grapefruits and smell of the young - that makes scents

Celebrity perfume is beginning to smell a bit dodgy – shares in Elizabeth Arden have plunged 25 per cent and the beauty giant has cited a bigger than expected decline in celebrity fragrance sales.

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The Wine Press at the Maids Head Hotel, Tombland.
Photo: Denise Bradley
Copy: Sarah Brealey
For: EDP Sunday Eating Out
©Archant Photographic 2010
01603 772434

Fine dining in Norwich’s Fine City

Norwich’s restaurant reputation has never been better – and the Norfolk Food and Drink Festival will see a whole new event designed to bring even more diners to the table: Norwich Restaurant Week. STACIA BRIGGS discovers what will be on the menu when Norwich’s restaurants team together for a culinary collaboration.

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The EDP Norfolk Food and Drink Awards 2014 chef of the year competition. The judges judging the dishes 'blind', without knowing the competitor, or the menu, from left, Chris Buzz Busby, Joe Mulhall, and Charlie Hodson. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Chefs show off their kitchen skills

The creme de la creme of Norfolk’s chefs battled it out for the prestgious title of EDP Norfolk Food and Drink 2014 Chef of the Year yesterday. STACIA BRIGGS watched the judging process and selflessly tried five incredible desserts

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There's a thin line between being an edgy man of mystery who is every woman's favourite swordsman and being so hateful that even your mother won't have you round for dinner.

No more Mr Nice Guy leaves me glad I’m out of the dating game

Science has provided women with the perfect excuse to keep putting up with shoddy behaviour from their husbands and boyfriends – according to new research, women are hardwired not to like nice men.

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50 things to do before you're 11¾. Go on a long bike ride. Photo: National Trust Images/Antony Mottershead

17 ways to get your children into the outdoors

Don’t deny your children or grandchildren an adventurous outdoor life, encourage them to reconnect with nature. The National Trust is committed to getting more children to enjoy the great outdoors. STACIA BRIGGS discovers a host of events where children can literally go wild.

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Want to rebel? Don’t get a tattoo. No tattoos are the new tattoos...

If I had endless pots of cash, I know where I’d be investing it: in a chain of tattoo removal clinics.

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Pot Noodle, a staple of Stacia Briggs' shelf.

Opinion: Forget artisan bread and probiotic yoghurt, my kitchen staples are Pot Noodles and potatoes

What are your kitchen essentials? Whatever they are, if you can honestly claim that one of them is “exotic grains” then you’re no reader of mine.

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Trudie Styler, left, and Sting arrive at the 68th annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, June 8, 2014, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

So what Sting, this is what I call a proper legacy for my kids

He literally puts the Sting in stingy – stool-hugging, lute-strumming, Kayapo Indian Chief-bothering, Tantric sex-practising, macrobiotic yogic-trance dullard Gordon Sumner has announced that he won’t be leaving any of his £180 million fortune to his six children.

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Poor umbrella etiquette, New Year's Eve party expectations, moths and being outbid on eBay - all examples of things which are more popular than Nick Clegg. Photo: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Opinion: 100 things more popular than Nick Clegg

Shock news this week – according to a new poll, Ed Miliband is even less popular than Nick Clegg.

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Stacia Briggs contemplates the pros and cons of a move across the Channel...

Opinion: Sorry France je regrette I won’t be coming to live in your country

Mon nom est Stacia Briggs et je suis allé en France pour mes vacances et c’était très agréable. J’avais une baguette et un peu de fromage et une glace.

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Programme Name: The Culture Show - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Alan Yentob, Lynn Barber - (C) BBC - Photographer: Steve Robinson

The Culture Show: reviewed

When I started in journalism, I wanted to grow up to be Lynda Lee-Potter (RIP) or Lynn Barber. And now that I’m 20 years into the business, I still do.

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Generic ballot paper being put into a ballot box <PIC POSED>

Ballot Boxes at City Hall being prepared for delivery to all the polling stations around the Norwich South area. 

Norwich South Election.

Picture: James Bass
For: EDP News
Eastern Daily Press © 2010  (01603) 772434

Opinion: 10 reasons as to why you should vote

I know it’s annoying when you’ve decided that you’re not going to vote and then someone starts shrieking at you that if you don’t vote, you haven’t got the right to complain about the outcome of the elections, the way the country is being run or anything whatsoever, really.

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Opinion: Why I hate Gardening

There’s another survey out saying that gardening is good for the body, mind and soul – this time, it claims that young people benefit from gardening as opposed to, for example, binge drinking, smoking and fighting which are significantly not as good for their bodies, minds and souls.

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Lord Justice Leveson with the Report from the Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press.
 Photo credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Scoop! Journalists don’t really have two horns and a tail

I’m used to the surveys that announce that the public have placed journalists in the top 10 list of most distrusted professionals in the UK (alongside estate agents, builders and used car salesmen) but I refuse to believe that being a reporter is one of the worst jobs in Britain: for a start, I’m a reporter and I’ve done worse jobs than this.

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First Buses number 25 and 25A follow a route that allows visitors to get a good glimpse of the city and can be caught in Castle Meadow. Photo: Steve Adams

Take the bus for a new view of Norwich

It’s Catch the Bus Week, seven days designed to encourage car drivers to become bus passengers. Car-loving Stacia Briggs decided to give public transport a fare chance and hitched a ride on a First Eastern Counties bus.

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Castle Acre Church.

Photos: Exploring the best of Norfolk - Part Two

From the Golden Mile to the Holy Mile, shell museums to shrines, desecrated saints to angels, Norfolk has endless treasure to discover on a day out. STACIA BRIGGS and her family continued their trip across the county, taking in ruins, historic churches, railway stations and, er, some sausage rolls.

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Happisburgh Lighthouse. Picture: Antony Kelly

Photos: Our Grand Tour of Norfolk - Part One

From giants to fairytale thatched roundhouses, tales of a dormant volcano in Diss to the site of medieval whippings, doughnuts to world-famous scones, Norfolk offers every visitor the perfect day out. STACIA BRIGGS and her family set off on a Grand Tour of the county to discover some old favourites and hidden treasures.

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Stacia gets ready to prepare the tea.

Norwich Gaming Festival: A non-gamer sees what all the fuss is about

It’s the biggest festival of its kind to be showcased in Norfolk and is bringing together gamers of all ages to celebrate the virtual world of video games. Non-gamer Stacia Briggs stumbled into an alien world.

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File photo dated 06/09/2005 of a bowl of fruit on a table, as new research suggests that five helpings of fruit and vegetables a day may not be enough. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Tuesday April 1, 2014. Seven portions every day could have a more protective effect, experts said. See PA story HEALTH Vegetables. Photo credit should read: Chris Young/PA Wire

Believe me, I know all about the art of being a picky eater

I was a notoriously picky eater when I was a child, basically refusing to eat anything that wasn’t a certain brand of sausages (the only brand my son will now eat – they’re local, too, which means I am propping up Norfolk’s meat industry even though I’m a vegetarian), chips or sweet things.

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The Mad Moose between Dover Street, left, and Warwick Street in the Golden Triangle. Picture: Denise Bradley

Opinion: It’s true - the Golden Triangle is one of the best places to live - and here are 20 reasons why

I was overjoyed to see that the Golden Triangle was named in a recent list of the 101 best places to live in England – mainly because I’m selling a house there at the moment and it might encourage people to spend a few more quid (although I’m also buying another one round the corner, so it’s swings and roundabouts).

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