Springwatch: Swallows herald a summertime of getting closer to our wildlife

Swallow at Minsmere Swallow at Minsmere

Erica Auger
Thursday, June 12, 2014
2:14 PM

What does spring mean to you?

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Blackbird Turdus merula, with a beakful of mealworms, perched on a washing line in gardenBlackbird Turdus merula, with a beakful of mealworms, perched on a washing line in garden

The swallows featured on the show really brought home to me what Springwatch is all about: bringing nature into our everyday lives. And what could epitomise the British spring and summertime more than the swallow?

The sluice gate at Minsmere, which hugs the shoreline, is busy with swallows darting in and out, providing hours of entertainment for passers-by. As they swoop and dive into the tunnels looking for bugs and insects to feed on, their acrobatics offer us a brief glimpse into the wonderful and complex world of nature at this time of year.

Swallows are one of the longest-visiting migrants to the UK, hanging around for six months. After their long journey to the shores of the UK, they offer us a summertime of nature at its best.

So, Springwatch may soon be coming to a close, but the wildlife of Minsmere and beyond will be hanging round for a little while longer!





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