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  • First thing to say is thankfully Mrs Rust has pulled through and remains to live a normal life. It just goes to show that surgery in most cases is not an advisable thing to do. Even though this was a ‘freak occurrence’ – is it not really worth the risk. I can understand why Mrs Rust may have failed with dieting, the masses expect quick fixes and do not think about their overall lifestyle. Most end up dropping too many calories, have no energy and ultimately get demotivated because they cannot see anything changing. The subject of support is not mentioned anywhere in the article i.e. what support she receive pre-gastric band whilst initially trying to lose weight. A Good support network is highly motivating. Maybe it would have been a good idea to see a health and fitness professional. The support she could have received would have cost a fraction of the £8000 she paid for the gastric band - and the results could have been similar. More people should take the time to consult with fitness professionals. If someone spent £100, and trained and listened to me for a month. I think I would be able to help them save that initial investment (and a bit more) over the next few months. Think about the long term consequences of your current actions, is what you’re doing sustainable over time?

    Josh Mann

    Tuesday, January 07, 2014

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