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  • This is stacking up quite nicely - we have Kevin Vaughan, no longer the innocent party but a willing accomplice who Murphy is using for his defence, being paid taxpayer’s money to leave NCC’s employment. We have Chief Exec David White who Murphy gave evasive and misleading replies to and was not open and honest, yet White, instead of making his own complaint or having Murphy hauled over the coals, is himself being paid taxpayer’s money to leave NCC’s employment. The twin hatter mentioned in the summary, a well known West Norfolk turncoat is being allowed to sit on the Standards Committee unopposed by Fifi McNeill who is running the show again, and would have been heavily involved in the cover up last year, so it’s no wonder she is recommending the meeting is in private and the report remains private, to prevent the massive scale of this cover up being exposed. Looking now like there may be a much larger gaggle than just Murphy who have brought the NCC into disrepute. That smell? The heavily soiled underkegs of all those involved in the previous cover up knowing it’s only a matter of time before the lid is blown off this whole sorry shower.

    Honest John

    Friday, January 25, 2013

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