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  • I am not a massive fan of supermarkets and the area may not be suitable for a massive Asda, but can Cllr Stephenson or one of her supporters stand up and name a list of food outlets easily accessible by public transport or bike or on foot by the residents of the area which would have been served by Asda and a list of food outlets in Norwich City Centre which are not supermarkets and which are open outside of office hours- (so not the market -and remember when there were actually butchers shops in the city centre?) ? And can she also tell everyone the last time she did a weekly shop for a family of five or with a toddler in tow using her bicycle, if cycling and walking to shop is such brilliant idea? If councils drive food retailers out of city centres with massive business rates then it is not fair to expect residents to travel miles to shop. Sometimes I think Greens live a middle class life rather removed from that which most ordinary people have to deal with. A council which has not slapped down the proposals for the Deal Ground before they even got firmed up but turns down this one is behaving strangely imo.

    Daisy Roots

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

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