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  • Motorists are pampered, Abraham, their individual concerns still outweigh the reality of the environmental impact they create. It is despicable to use the misery of many young people and job seekers to justify this development, just to override the planning brief. Every morning there are long queues on Hall road, sometimes backing up close to Cecil road. Another cheap car park provision whilst everyone in the inner City pays for the impact they create, those who frequent shopping centres at the fringes, creating tailbacks for other traffic, as frequently happens on the lower end Ipswich rd. as well as in Thorpe St. Andrews with Sainsbury's and on the outer ring road approaching B&Q@s, they are all involved in congesting traffic and creating extra pollution for City dwellers. P& Ride should be changed, these buses should be picking up fare paying passengers on route, at designated bus stops, it is outrageous that Norfolk taxpayers subsidise this service when 30% of us do not drive, but would like occasionally use one of the buses which are currently passing them by half empty.

    ingo wagenknecht

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

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