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Your views on Norwich wheelie bin ultimatum

PUBLISHED: 12:35 15 November 2012 | UPDATED: 12:40 15 November 2012

Wheelie bins awaiting collection in Norwich
Photo: Bill Smith

Wheelie bins awaiting collection in Norwich Photo: Bill Smith

Archant © 2010

Mixed reaction to city council’s letter

We asked for your views on our story about families in Norwich being issued with an ultimatum over their wheelie bins.

Letters have been sent by Norwich City Council to households in Newmarket Street after complaints about bins being left out in the streets between rubbish collections.

They warn people that the council has the power to slap an £80 fixed penalty notice to householders who put their bins out too early, or who collect them in too late.

After posting the article to our Facebook page, this is what you’ve been saying:

Angela Dawn Everitt: That’s all well and good but how can people do that when they don’t come till after 11 and people work? I agree about putting them away on same day but straight away is not reasonable. Everyone on my street works so there wouldn’t be anyone to put them away. My bin is always on my drive so it’s my property anyway but just saying it’s not that easy to put them straight away. Same day yes totally agree.

John Spud Websdale: They force the bins on you ..they force the times to put out on you..they force the priority of lids shut on you..they force a fine if wrong stuff in wrong bin on you...nowww you’re forced a fine for leaving bin out at wrong time.

Lisa Burgess: About time. I’m fed up struggling along paths with bins everywhere all the time. Put them in your garden like we all have to. It’s not really bin day that annoys me, that’s fair enough if people are out all day - it’s the ones left out all the time. There are loads near me.

Lisa Hall: I agree 100% Lisa, people could always ask a neighbour to put it back for them if they don’t get home in time, maybe in return for putting theirs out for them. Just a suggestion.

Darren Ayre: Just another way for them to get money from you, let’s hope everyone has the option of going home lunchtimes to put their bin away, they will soon be asking us to put them on the back of the lorries ourselves.

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  • Did anyone actually read the article? Nowhere did it say bins have to be put away the same day - on the contrary it clearly says by 9am the NEXT day. About time they started enforcing this by actually making people pay for their selfish ways.

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    Only Me

    Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Good about time to, it is so annoying trying to walk down the pavement dodging bins all the time, I have noticed however people have started to put them out on the road in front of their houses to stop people parking within the permit zones!!

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    Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Did they deliberately select some of the most stupid comments for this article?? Re: Darren Ayre, if this is just a money-making scheme then why have the council never fined anyone in 4 years as they've had plenty of opportunity. And why would they send out warning letters? Work it out, they're trying to get the problem solved without issuing fines. Not to make money.

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    Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Well said Only Me I thought I had misread the article following all those comments so re-read it and noted the times! Some people just can't be bothered to read properly as well as take their bins in! Loads of lazy people around the so called Golden Triang leave the bins out day in day out causing these problems for others, and before we get lots of comments saying my front garden isn't big enough to take the bins - I used to live in a terrence house too and I think the clue is in the name of the bin 'wheelie bin' take them round the back!

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    City Boy

    Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Spot on Only Me - perhaps the EN could make it clear in the article that the comments are based on a complete misunderstanding?! It's just council-bashing to publish them as they are. The deadline of the next morning gives plenty of time for almost everyone to collect in their bin. However, I will say that not everyone can store bins at the back of their house. I live in a row of 6 1980s terraced houses, and none of us have access to the back garden except through the house. As to the actual problem, it's about time the council started taking action to reclaim the pavements for pedestrians. The last person to touch the bin, be it householder or bin collector, should put it on the property. It's not hard. Some action on vehicles parking on the pavement would also be welcome. It seems to be a widespread issue even where there is ample room on the road.

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    Thursday, November 15, 2012

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