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Plan to let visitors park in Great Yarmouth residents’ spaces branded ‘wicked’

PUBLISHED: 08:12 13 June 2014

The council is bringing in a new parking scheme across Great Yarmouth, which will allow visitors to park in residents roads.

Carl Barron a resident of Rodney Road.

Picture: James Bass

The council is bringing in a new parking scheme across Great Yarmouth, which will allow visitors to park in residents roads. Carl Barron a resident of Rodney Road. Picture: James Bass

Archant Norfolk © 2014

Furious Great Yarmouth residents have slammed a new parking scheme as “wicked” saying it is unfair and will penalise them.

The parking shake up is due to come into force this summer and will allow visitors to leave their cars in permit-controlled residential roads for seven hours a day. The visitor spaces will cost £3 a day and be paid for through vouchers, sold from nearby newsagents.

Highway bosses have introduced the scheme in areas they say have “surplus” space during the day.

But angry residents have shot down the new system as they say space is already at a premium and they often struggle to find a spot outside their homes.

And they have blasted the council for “ignoring” them after scores of people objected to the proposal, which will affect parking on Apsley Road, Rodney Road, Albion Road, Russell Road, Crown Road and the corner of Kent Square and St George’s Road.

The roads are currently restricted to residents’ parking only - through the Zone A scheme - from 8am - 6pm. But under the plans visitors will be able to park from 9am - 4pm.

Carl Barron is a lifelong resident of Rodney Road and collected 63 signatures on a petition against the plans.

The 65-year-old retired painter and decorator said: “Everyone was furious about it. They have got all these signatures so how can they bypass the residents’ and people’s wishes?

“They’re nothing more than bureaucratic dictators. It’s a hell of a job getting a parking place now and they want to get more cars on there.”

Mr Barron said residents felt they were being penalised as they already have to pay for £40 for permits.

“If anyone can come along and park in my so-called road then that’s obsolete,” he added. “Why am I paying for a permit for someone else to come in? It’s a contradiction.”

Diane Kill, who has lived in Russell Road for 10 years, said parking

was so difficult in her road she has often had to leave her car streets away - and on one occasion in a pay and display car park.

“We have got the permit, to be penalised again for something we have already paid for is not fair,” she said. “Thousands has been spent on the seafront and parking, why have they got to come and park on residential streets?”

Mrs Kill, chairman of the Artillery Square Residents Group, said permit parking had been beneficial since it was introduced, but she did not believe the voucher scheme would fulfil parking bosses’ hopes of helping businesses.

She added: “They think they’re going to boost tourism, they’re not. All they’re doing is making residents angrier and angrier.”

The voucher parking is being brought in as a two year trial by Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

The authorities agreed to the scheme as they feel it would make better use of residents’ parking when space is available during the day, and say it will help subsidise permit costs in future.

Mick Castle, whose county council seat covers Zone A, stressed the voucher parking was a trial and would be monitored.

“We’re going to take note, if residents have real big problems there’ll be changes made but

it’s far too early to say,” he

added. “We certainly won’t be making it permanent unless it’s successful for both residents and visitors.”

Mr Castle said he “understood” those who had objected to the scheme as “change always seems a threat” but felt residents were still in a good position.

He added: “It’s only a very limited area and it’s one side of the road. And we’re still giving residents the edge over those spaces at peak rush hour times.”

If successful Mr Castle said the scheme - due to be introduced at the end of August - could be rolled out to other areas.


  • "Councils will act to change things if residents encounter particular difficulties as a result of the new arrangements." Cr*p. Councils do not change anything once it has been put in place, especially when they are making money out of it. Typical Labour lies.

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    Wednesday, June 18, 2014

  • This is a 2 year trial and the Councils will act to change things if residents encounter particular difficulties as a result of the new arrangements. There is no intention whatsoever to make things worse for local residents. A genuine trial - a first in Norfolk and could be tried elsewhere if it is successful.

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    Mick Castle

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014

  • I am so very lucky that I have private off rd parking for multiple cars but I would be absolutely furious buying a parking permit then told anyone can park there when it's hard enough as it is! What about disabled residents who can't park streets away? I'm a wheelchair user and my wheelchair comes out of the side door so need the width in a parking space not close to everything. But surely everyone should have the right to have at least one space outside their own home! They've all gone barmy! All you can do is keep screaming and shouting and don't give in. Good luck!

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    Monday, June 16, 2014

  • When you buy a property, you dont buy a piece of the road outside it. That belongs to the council to do what ever they want with it. If you want to park ouside your house, get a house with a driveway.

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    Saturday, June 14, 2014

  • So let me get this right..........first anyone could park there for free, and they said there were parking problems. Then they introduce a residents parking scheme to charge residents for the priviledge of they charge everybody to park there and there will be no parking problems. Isn't it amazing how money can change councillors minds

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    Friday, June 13, 2014

  • So when residents or there visitors, or workmen want to park wont get there space! There is ample parking along front especially pleasure beach end. Knumbnuts!

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    Friday, June 13, 2014

  • Why don't they just scrap charges in council owned car parks?? Too simple?

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    Friday, June 13, 2014

  • “They’re nothing more than bureaucratic dictators." What do you expect from the Tories and Labour councillors. The holidaymakers and seafront come first (vested interests). The residence who pay their wages come very low (unless you are a foreigner) in their way of thinking They think it is their God given right to dictate to the people of this borough, and to do and claim whatever they like, ignoring the people. Time for a mass protest to show these career councillors who actually pay their wages and that we are all fed up with the council in this town

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    Friday, June 13, 2014

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