A police officer told a jury how he was called to an address, in Norwich, and found a naked man who had been stabbed in the chest and was pouring with blood.

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Norwich Crown Court has heard how a 64-year-old man was allegedly stabbed in the chest by Jacquie Duffy in a flat in Norwich, on July 31, last year.

They had both been drinking at her flat when it is alleged he was stabbed by Duffy. The jury has heard how the knife punctured his chest wall, just inches from his heart, and into his lung and out the other side.

Duffy, 53, of Desmond Drive, Old Catton, denies wounding with intent and claims she acted in self-defence following unwanted sexual advances.

Giving evidence, PC Michael Johnson, said that when he attended the address he found the complainant, who was in the nude, groaning and wheezing.

“He was clearly in a lot of pain and there was blood all over his chest.”

He said he tried to stem the flow of blood and said: “I could not make out what he was saying, He was groaning and wheezing and could not make out what he said,”

He said that the complainant was taken to hospital and he said while he was being treated he heard him being asked how he came by the injury.

PC Johnson said:”He said he had been stabbed just because she thought I wanted to have sex with her.”

The trial continues.






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