Police issue answers to commonly asked questions as region braces for floods and severe weather

Police make door to door visits in  Oulton broad to warn residents of potential flooding.
PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY Police make door to door visits in Oulton broad to warn residents of potential flooding. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

Thursday, December 5, 2013
5:38 PM

Police have issued the following list of frequently asked questions as the region braces for severe flooding.

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What time are we advising evacuation from?

Any households affected will be contacted in person in due course by a flood warden or a police officer.

What are the roads affected?

The South Quay car park in King’s Lynn along the quay side will be closed from 3pm. Anyone parking their car is asked to remove it before this time.

Roads due to be closed in such areas include South Beach Road in Hunstanton (from the top of the road at Oasis Way roundabout), Jubliee Road (near North Beach and the flood defence) and South Beach (near the flood defences) in Heacham and Beach Road in Snettisham.

Coast Road, Salthouse will be shut from 5pm.

Where are the rest centres?

Rest centres will be set up from 2pm at the following locations

Flegg High, Martham Primary, Caister High, Cliff Park High, Orimiston Venture Academy and Lynn Grove High from 3pm.

Rest centres will also be set up at Alderman Peel High School in Market Lane in Wells (from 4pm) and at Hunstanton Community Centre in Avenue Road for those affected.

In addition, Holt Community Centre, Stalham High School will be open from 4pm

What about pets? (Indoor pets such as birds, rodents, cats or dogs?)

Obtain a suitable secure pet carrier for your pet

Obtain a suitable harness/lead for your pet

Make sure your pet has a collar with name tag and telephone number

Make sure your correct contact details are registered if your pet has been micro-chipped. If not, get your pet micro-chipped

Keep a recent photo of your pet showing any distinguishing marks

If your pet is on medications—make a list of them

Keep copies of pet vaccination certificates and other important pet documents in your Emergency Kit

Please be aware that rest centres will not accept pets and therefore alternatives need to be considered.

Do you have garden pets like rabbits or guinea pigs?

Make sure that hutches are in good repair and are weather tight.

Can you move hutches into a shed or garage to protect animals in poor weather. Always keep a stock of food and bedding in case you are unable to go shopping. Check your pet’s drinking water as it may freeze in cold weather

Be sure to regularly check on the welfare of your garden pets.

What about sandbags?

Sandbag locations for the Yarmouth area include Beach Coach Station, Pasteur Road car park (opposite Toops Tiles), Southgates Road, Quay Road, Gorleston and the Runham Road junction.

North Norfolk, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Council do not provide sandbags.

How long do I have to make arrangements for sandbags?

Information will be made available locally but first significant high tides are expected from 7pm.

Will there be transport for disabled / elderly people that can’t be moved?

Provision will be made for anyone with mobility issues and will be discussed with the households directly.

Where will I park at the evacuation centre?

Parking assistance is available at these locations which are largely schools with good provision.

Are highways closing any major routes in and out of Yarmouth?

No highways are currently closed, any decisions to close main routes will be made pro-actively by the police and pro-actively publicised.

In case of medical emergencies – where are people being advised to go, which hospitals?

As far as we aware all hospitals are open at the moment.

When should schools close?

It is head teachers decision whether to close – schools are advised to monitor advice from Environment Agency and make any decision based on these warnings. If they choose to close schools should use the closure notice system which means the county council website will be updated.






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