Percy the pig, who was found all alone by staff at Gordon Signs and is now safe and being looked after at Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

Photo gallery & video: Runaway Old Catton piglet at animal sanctuary after narrow squeak - but do you know who owns him?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
9.45 AM

No one knows whether this little piggy was on his way to market or whether he would really have preferred to stay at home.

What they do know is that this piglet was found trotting around Old Catton on Monday afternoon all by himself.

He is currently recuperating at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, in Frettenham, where staff have named him Percy.

As yet no owner has come forward to claim the piglet but the sanctuary has promised that if Percy’s owner cannot be found it will give him a loving home with their other rescue pigs.

Wendy Valentine, who founded the sanctuary, says it was a mystery where Percy came from.

“People have pigs as pets but find they can’t cope, so perhaps he was abandoned.

“However, if he’s from a farm it’s unlikely the farmer would notice one piglet missing.”

Percy had been on the loose but was eventually caught by staff at Gordon Signs in Old Catton who saw him dashing through their garden.

Simon Gordon, managing director, said catching Percy was a team effort with help from neighbour Annette Lake, who had first spotted Percy the night before.

When Annette opened the door to let her cat in on St Faith’s Road, 
she got a bit more than she bargained for.

“I opened the door and there was this pig,” she laughed.

“I thought I was seeing things at first, but then he tried to walk in the house.

“He disappeared after that and he must have spent the night in my garden because the next day Gordon Signs saw him too.”

It was the next morning that Simon and the staff at Gordon Signs managed to grab him.

Simon said: “General manager Colin Skipper rounded him up and secretary Sue Moakes had a dog cage to keep him in until he was collected, as well as some dog biscuits to feed him.”

Sanctuary staff are pleased with Percy’s progress after he spent a night out in the cold.

Veterinary assistant Lisa Miller hopes the intensive care they’ve been giving Percy will help him recover from his ordeal.

She said: “Considering that he was found just roaming the streets, he doesn’t seem too bad.

“He’s very cold though so we’ve got him under a heat lamp to try and warm him up.

“If nobody claims Percy we will keep him warm in our stables until he’s big enough to go outside in the spring and join our other rescue pigs.”

Is this your piglet? 
Contact Hillside Animal Sanctuary on 01603 736200.