PHOTO GALLERY & VIDEO: Norman Lamb visits flood-hit Walcott

Floods. Norman Lamb MP visits Walcott to view the damage after the sea surges.
PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY Floods. Norman Lamb MP visits Walcott to view the damage after the sea surges. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Sunday, December 8, 2013
3:37 PM

North Norfolk’s MP has described the flood-ravaged scenes in Walcott as “horrifying” after he walked through the village to meet with residents and businesses.

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Floods. Norman Lamb MP visits Walcott to view the damage after the sea surges. Matthew Page, 6, helping out with the clean up.
PHOTO: ANTONY KELLYFloods. Norman Lamb MP visits Walcott to view the damage after the sea surges. Matthew Page, 6, helping out with the clean up. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Norman Lamb chatted to those who have been devastated by the floods, which tore through the coastal community on Thursday, and saw first hand the carnage left by the storm surge.

He also offered his help to anyone in taking up issues with insurance companies as residents now face months out of their homes to allow for assessments and re-building work.

As he made his way down the sand covered coast road Mr Lamb stopped to talk to Graham French, who runs the Kingfisher cafe, and Julian Husselbee, owner of the next door Kingfisher fish bar - who both suffered damage but hope to be open again soon - and residents Billy Applegate and Jane Knapp, whose homes were ruined in the floods.

He said: “It’s horrifying and your heart goes out to the people who have been affected by it.

“It’s horrific at any time of year but at a time like this when we head towards Christmas, I think if anybody put themselves in the shoes of these people they’d have an enormous amount of sympathy, and realise that these people need some help now.”

Since the floods swept along the north Norfolk coast, Mr Lamb has visited several towns and villages that suffered from the rising tide. But he said the wreckage at Walcott was the worst he had seen.

“The scene at Cromer is pretty stark and there’s been a lot of costly damage,” he added. “But in terms of people’s lives I think Walcott is by far the worst hit in north Norfolk.”

For a second day residents were out in force clearing the village of flood damage.

Hoses and power washers rinsed pavements and equipment, and a local farmer drove into the village on his JCB to scoop sand off the road. The Red Cross also arrived this afternoon to distribute supplies to those in need, including shoes.

Council workers are due to move into the village tomorrow, bringing skips and equipment to clear debris and get the main road re-opened, as it has remained shut since Thursday afternoon.


  • Rather than giving us PR stunts why doesn't the NN news ask this bloke what he's done for Norfolk sea defence wise? Probably because the answer would be 'not a lot'. If people keep voting for an ineffective so they can turn up in NN occasionally and give a whopping £100 (let's face it, we pay his very generous wage and expenses) then those people bring it on themselves.

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    Sunday, December 8, 2013

  • Good to see that Norm continues to grab any PR he can. It is wonder that he can remember where Walcott is on the map. A shout never heard during a crisis. " Send for an MP !! "

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    norman hall

    Sunday, December 8, 2013

  • Is lamb going to give his 11% pay rise to the people of Walcott ? No I thought not..... another photo PR stunt

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    Sunday, December 8, 2013

  • Where is the pressure of insurance companies lobbying the Government for a coastal protection policy, or for the right to build their own sea defences. E£nergy will not get cheaper and whoever protects our coastlione with dykes, barriers and locksystems, can generate tidal energy. We can't stop the sea rising or the eastern seaboard from sinking, all we can do is buy time. We have to safeguard our Fenlands producing a fifth of our national fresh food supplies, a multi billion pound business, as well as the Broads and coastal Towns. For that we need a national coastal and flood protection policy and a budget. When it comes to the defence of the realm its always somewhere else and it cost us over the odds. The MOD wastes more money than we spend on foreign aid, so please lets stop the drain and allocate the monies saved to coastal protection and tidal energy schemes. This Government should hang their head in shame for prioritising the debate over a caring Mandiba, once called a terrorist by our Conservative Party, rather than debate the strom response and how to alleviate the pain and hurt from it. These power addicted party politicians are useless when it comes to defending the realm from harm and loss of land.

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    ingo wagenknecht

    Friday, December 13, 2013

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