A popular Norwich store has been forced to temporarily close its doors after it was flooded.

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The QD store, on St Stephens Street near Chapelfield shopping centre, was hit by flood water in the early hours of Sunday morning after a sprinkler was damaged in an adjoining building.

The leak hit equipment in the electrical room and offices at the store.

Although they were still unsure exactly when the store would reopen, QD managers were keen to reassure customers the closure was temporary.

The wiring and sockets at the store are now being checked by electricians to ensure they are safe.

The extent of the damage is still unclear and marketing operations manager Alan Hatcher said the damage to the computer system was also still unknown.

“Even the tills are electrical. We cannot just open the doors and take money,” he said.

John Goldie, manager of the St Stephen’s QD store urged customers to go to their other city store in Anglia Square.

A statement from the QD Store said: “Renovations to an adjoining property to the QD Store caused a sprinkler head to pour water into the electrical room and offices. As a result, electricians have since been on site to check all the wiring and sockets are safe before the store can reopen.”

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  • if i remember rightly the same thing happened years back at this store

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    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

  • QD = Quick Dripping it seems

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    banned user

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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