Norwich pub manager oversees big turnaround at venue

The new manager of the Blueberry Music House in Cowgate, Sarah Burns, with her daughter, Charlie. Picture: Denise Bradley The new manager of the Blueberry Music House in Cowgate, Sarah Burns, with her daughter, Charlie. Picture: Denise Bradley

David Bale
Monday, December 30, 2013
8:55 AM

Takings at The Blueberry Music House in Norwich have doubled since manager Sarah Burns took over three months ago, and people have started returning to the popular pub.

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She has even managed to impress long-time regular, Joe Wilkin, who has his own ‘Joe’s Corner’ by the bar, and has given the new regime the thumbs-up.

She said: “This industry is in decline, so for us to be increasing turnover and to have doubled the takings is something. I only took it on at the start for a week, but I’m really excited about it now. I have only had one day off in 15 weeks, and Christmas was really good.”

Mrs Burns lives close to the Cowgate pub and previously drank there, but she said it was never her ambition to be the boss, although she added: “I’m really enjoying it. I’m a very sociable person. We have cleaned it up and painted the outside. I’m working on a load of different things, little things that I’m changing. I think everyone around here was previously upset that the pub was not being run the way they thought it should be. It’s not just a music venue, it is a community pub. Everybody was starting to think it could close and be turned into another Tesco, but these places are important.”

Live music is huge at the venue and Mrs Burns, who grew up in pubs, is trying to attract a younger clientele with a variety of music on offer. Her mother once ran the Rising Sun in Coltishall, and the White Horse in Crostwick, where she also worked. Her son Sam and daughter Charlie both work at the Blueberry, which is supporting local breweries by stocking ales from S&P in Horsford and the Golden Triangle in Norwich.


  • And good luck to you madam, it is a sad indictment of our times that the only thing that matters is our obsession with making money, so much so, that the very fabric of society unweaves before our eyes and the lifeblood of our communities seeps into a septic tank. What sweet irony then that heroic effort to establish something of integrity and worth should produce a healthy profit. Take note politicians, and madam, I shall seek you out next time I am in the fair city

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    Bill Punton's bald patch

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013

  • And what does Jenny Talia think ?

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    Monday, December 30, 2013

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