Weekend walkers in north Norfolk have been warned to keep away from potentially dangerous areas of the coastline left damaged by the sea surges.

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Some areas along the 45-mile coast have been cordoned off.

And North Norfolk District Council tonight warned: “Members of the public are asked not to cross any of these cordons, for their own safety’s sake.”

The council issued a summary of damage along the coast, highlighting:


The beach car park is currently flooded and is closed


The west promenade has suffered some severe damage and is currently closed off. NNDC teams will be working over the weekend to ensure pedestrian access for the RNLI only. Further assessment will be required before it can be opened to the general public

The east promenade has suffered less damage. Work will be undertaken over the weekend with the aim of opening up most of this stretch by early next week, although some areas will have to remain closed for safety reasons

There is major damage to beach huts

■West Runton

There have been cliff slips and some scouring at the base of the ramp and cliff. A risk assessment will be done over the weekend

■East Runton

A major cliff slip by the Coastwatch cabin. This area of the car park has been cordoned-off, but the gravel car park is open, as are the toilets


There is a great deal of heavy debris on the Promenade and there have been some cliff slippages, so it is totally closed west of the Gangway right to the Melbourne slope, which is also closed. NNDC teams will start to clear the prom over the weekend and early next week

The pier decking is badly damaged at the landward end, and so are areas of the entrance structures. There will be no access to the Pier (other than pedestrian access for the RNLI only) until it has had a full structural survey to ensure that it is safe, so it is highly unlikely that there will be access for at least a week and it may be longer. NNDC is working with the Pavilion Theatre to see what can be arranged regarding forthcoming shows

Chalets and huts severely damaged, with some sections cordoned off east of the Rocket House

The Rocket House, RNLI Museum and access lift are closed pending survey, with water in the lift well and damage to the doors


Access to the beach is closed pending a thorough assessment of the damage


Cliff slippage, damaged railings and damage at the west end of the promenade. The prom is currently closed pending a thorough assessment next week


While the sea wall remains sound, as at Cromer the parapet tops have been damaged and will need repair in due course


Cliff slippage close to the end of Beach Road and caravan site. Some damage to the pedestrian ramp to the beach

Council teams will be working over the weekend to continue to assess the damage and start the clear-up where they can.

A spokesman said: “This was a major event and it will take a great deal of time and effort to undertake the necessary repairs. We hope that you will be patient as we go about that work.”






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