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Norfolk and Suffolk fire services working hard in home counties flood

Carrow Fire Crew in Berkshire Carrow Fire Crew in Berkshire

Thursday, February 13, 2014
5:39 PM

Fire crews from Norfolk and Suffolk have been working around the clock to help communities struggling against this week’s flood waters.

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the lowestoft crew in action in somerset and with firefighters form somerset and dorsetthe lowestoft crew in action in somerset and with firefighters form somerset and dorset

Crews from Lowestoft, Carrow, Dereham and King’s Lynn have been called into action in the home counties and west country to help stranded residents and ship in supplies.

Having been working since Tuesday morning, the crew from Carrow have been relieved, with further help arriving from King’s Lynn.

Rigid boats have been put into use, delivering supplies and transporting emergency services staff and key workers when necessary.

Bob Ayers, group manager for Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, who is currently working in Windsor, said work to help out hampered communities in Maidenhead, Datchet and Windsor would continue.

the lowestoft crew in action in somerset and with firefighters form somerset and dorsetthe lowestoft crew in action in somerset and with firefighters form somerset and dorset

“We’re still doing the same work in the same areas as there are a lot of people who need support.

“There are a lot of doors to knock on and the water has only slightly subsided. We’ve now got one eye on the weather that could be coming in but you can never be sure from the forecasts quite what will happen,” he said.

Lowestoft firefighters have been hard at work in Somerset, providing assistance to people affected by a deluge of flood waters in support of the Devon and Somerset fire service. The crew is using a unimog vehicle to help and reach stricken communities.

A Suffolk fire service spokesman said: “The firefighters are working 72 hour shifts, helping to move equipment, members of the community and critical care providers through flood waters and providing general support as required. We expect our support to continue for the forseeable future.

“This is part of a nationally coordinated response to the flooding incident.

“Emergency services and other responders from across the country are providing specialist vehicles and personnel to support local communities.

We currently have firefighters deployed from Lowestoft, who have recently replaced Bury St Edmunds firefighters, utilising one of our Unimog vehicles.”

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  • I admire what they are doing, but they are playing right into the Governments hands. The government know they can cut the emergency services and they will comply next the fire service will be covering two counties and that is where all these services are failing themselves. We give enough to other countries where is their help now, no where to be seen.

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    Thursday, February 13, 2014

  • Well done to them. This is the sort of things that makes you proud.

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    Mark Thompson

    Thursday, February 13, 2014

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