Mustard video and Photo Gallery: From Norwich to Ireland, gorillas are soon at home in their new habitats

Killing Fields, Nelson and Half Nelson GoGoGorillas! were bought at an auction by Anglia Restaurants. Killing Fields, Nelson and Half Nelson GoGoGorillas! were bought at an auction by Anglia Restaurants.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
10:30 AM

Where have all the GoGoGorillas! gone?

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The GoGoGorillas! project was organised by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art.

It saw 54 adult gorillas - each one sponsored by a local organisation and designed by local artists - decorate the streets of Norwich throughout the summer along with a troop of baby gorillas decorated by Norfolk schoolchildren.

The adult gorillas went under the hammer in October and raised £272,300 at the auction which was hosted by Break patron Jake Humphrey and run by auctioneer Mike Sarson of TW Gaze at the Forum in Norwich.

The money raised will help Break change the lives of young people in need and also help the Born Free Foundation help real-life gorillas in Africa.

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Drilla the Gorilla

After helping to deliver the gorillas across the city for the trail, Ridgeons Timber and Builders Merchants brought one of them home.

Drilla the Gorilla, who was displayed at the Castle Mall, was bought by Ridgeons for £3,700.

Ridgeons area general manager Mike Fields said: “We worked with Break and delivered all the gorillas to their display areas in the city early one Sunday morning and collected them 12 weeks later.

“The effort and work that was put into delivering this by the Break team was fantastic and we were extremely pleased to be involved in supporting this great cause and project.

“We purchased Drilla the Gorilla which was perfect for us to display in our main shop at Rocklands.”

Drilla the Gorilla was sponsored by RG Carter and designed by Jessica Perry and Maggie Campbell.


After spending his summer on display in London Street, Gonzo was bought by Linda Franklin for £2,800 at auction.

Linda, from Cringleford, said one of the reasons she bought him is because he is a part of Norwich history.

“He’s in my lounge and he matches my decor,” she said.

“I liked the idea that he was the yellow bus that was used by children in Norfolk, and that they were involved in creating the artwork.”

Gonzo, sponsored by Victory Housing Trust, was created by artist Mik Richardson who worked with the YESU youth group.


The company that sponsored the striking black and orange gorilla Mack was delighted to successfully win the ape at auction with a bid of £5,600.

Mack has now swapped his GoGoGorillas! trail spot at St Martin’s Palace Plain for CIM Signs and Graphics’ base at Rackheath Trading Estate in Norwich.

Mark Baker, from CIM, said: “Mack is now safe and warm in our foyer...and people are welcome to visit!

“We got involved after Gasway recommended the concept to us. At the time we thought it would be nice to be involved and as the project rolled out we could not have been more pleased with the success and the amazing colour and atmosphere it bought to “Norwich.”

He added: “Once we had completed the sponsorship we were really keen to buy the gorilla as a lasting memory of the great event and the fact the money raised went to charity. It was a great feeling to actually get Mack and we proudly display him at our premises.

“The effort the charities and artists put in was rewarded by the footfall and positivity created around the city.”

Mack was created by artist Samuel Thomas.

Gordon - on track for a new life in Tipperary

One of Norwich’s troop of GoGoGorillas! has travelled to Ireland to take up residency in his new home.

Gordon, the railway themed-ape who was displayed at Norwich Train Station during the trail, was bought by Clare Corballis, originally from North Lopham and now living in Tipperary, for £6,200 and the arty ape was accompanied by a group of horses on his recent journey.

Mrs Corballis first saw Gordon when her daughter Tash, who studied medicine at the UEA and is now a junior doctor at the James Paget University Hospital, sent her a photo of the gorilla as she began her own journey from Norwich to Uganda where she was, rather aptly, going gorilla trekking.

“Tash sent me a picture of her with Gordon, joking that she did not need to go to Uganda because there were gorillas in Norwich,” said Mrs Corballis, who later followed the GoGoGorillas! trail with her husband Tim when they visited Norwich for Tash’s graduation.

“We were intrigued and loved the idea of bringing a gorilla home to Co. Tipperary in Ireland, I am a Norfolk girl and travelled by train from Diss to Norwich for six years so Gordon is of special significance,” she said.

“We have always had a love of trains and as a teenager I worked in Bressingham gardens in the steam museum. Gordon will have a good home with us and we are delighted a Norfolk charity will also have gained too.”

Mr Corballis works for Coolmore Stud in Ireland, and it was through his work that the couple were able to organise Gordon’s rather unusual journey to their home in the village of Moyglass.

Mrs Corballis, whose mother Rita Garrard lives in Diss, said: “Having purchased Gordon he was delivered to Tattersalls in Newmarket where Coolmore Stud in Tipperary had purchased some valuable yearlings.

“However there was a space for Gordon to travel over in a horse lorry so that is how he arrived!”

She said Gordon, who was sponsored by Greater Anglia and designed by artist Teresa Hill, was settling in well in Ireland.

“Eventually he is to go out in the garden but at the moment he’s in our sitting room looking out of the window.

“It’s lovely to have him here because he is a bit of Norfolk here in Tipperary.”


GoGoGorillas! fans found Juno in Cathedral Close during the trail, and now the ape is set to be put on display at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Juno was sponsored by independent financial advisors Almary Green, and the company successfully bought the gorilla at auction for £7,500.

The arty ape, designed by artist Mik Richardson, can currently be seen at Almary Green’s office in Meridian Business Park, in Norwich.

Darren Arnup, office manager at Almary Green, said: “We commissioned Juno so we were therefore keen to retain him after the event. He has now joined the Almary Green family which includes a two metre high Wenlock mascot from last year’s Olympics. “Currently Juno is residing in our upstairs office on a new plinth, but he is due to replace Wenlock at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital shortly so that he can return home to us.

“Juno will sit at the hospital to hopefully bring a smile to the faces of those people who find themselves there.”

Trio of apes join people for dinner

Anglia Restaurants bought three gorillas and the trio of apes will be joining diners at eateries across Norwich and beyond.

Nelson, bought for £7,000, has a new home at the newly refurbished Castle Carvery restaurant, at Racecourse in Salhouse Road, Norwich.

Killing Fields, bought for £3,600, will move into the Castle Carvery restaurant, Clocktower, at Jarrold Way in Bowthorpe.

The baby gorilla version of Nelson will be touring all Anglia Restaurant sites including: Artorio’s, in Riverside, Norwich; Castle Carvery Castle Free House in Caister; Wherry Hotel in Oulton Broad; Fatso’s restaurants in Norwich and Great Yarmouth; and Essence late night bar in Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich. The baby gorilla will also make appearances at Racecourse and Clocktower.

For Half Nelson Anglia Restaurants paid £1,000 plus a £4,000 donation to Break.

Nelson, who was displayed at Charing Cross during the trail, and Half Nelson were sponsored by Break and designed by Mik Richardson. Killing Fields, who was displayed at Upper St Giles, was sponsored by Acteon Group and designed by Hannah Nelson.

Skull Island

Skull Island has been getting in the festive spirit at his new home in Attleborough.

He was bought for £4,400 at the auction and now resides at Hiltfields Ltd, in Maurice Gaymer Road.

James and Louise Potter, of Hiltfields, said: “We decided to buy Skull Island because we thought that he was the most interesting and unique of all the gorillas. We love the fact that his textured design is based on the home of King Kong and he has a slight sinister look, some would even say grumpy, which is unusual compared to the other gorillas. There were also the charities that the gorillas were built to raise money for.”

They added: “During the summer a number of us followed the trail of the gorillas and had a really great day out. As a small business it was wonderful for us to all follow the trail with all our children together. It was only fitting after such an enjoyable day that we bid for our favourite gorilla.”

Skull Island has already been attracting lots of attention in Attleborough.

“He has already brought a lot of enjoyment to both staff and the local community. We have had people stopping to take photographs and asking for more information about him. Skull Island is currently enjoying the Christmas spirit and he is the proud owner of a Christmas hat and scarf!”

Skull Island was sponsored by City College Norwich and created by Beau Townsend and Tansy Bouttell. During the trail he was on St Andrews Street.






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